The Safety Inspector Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

The Safety Inspector Essay, Research Paper

The Safety Inspector

Mr. Redos, I am an inspector for the OSHA. I have noticed the following

safety objects losing in the room F 203, chemical science room. These are sprinklers,

a drain, and a glass wall. You must hold these objects for the safety of the

pupils and the module. I have besides observed the undermentioned safety objects

nowadays in the regarded room. Fire cover, fire asphyxiator, fire shower,

first-aid kit, an apron, oculus goggles, and an oculus shower.

I am really concerned in the undermentioned state of affairss. If a fire spread

throughout the schoolroom, there are no sprinklers to snuff out the fire merely a

fire asphyxiator. Another state of affairs is if person were to utilize the fire shower,

there would be no drain for the H2O to travel to

, therefore a really slippy floor that

is insecure. When the instructor is carry oning experiments in the forepart of the room,

there is no glass wall to protect the pupils in the instance of an detonation.

Some betterments that must be made are put ining sprinklers. Another

must is the glass wall, the last thing a school would desire to make is to cover with

would be an injured child. Not a necessary betterment, but suggested is to set

in a drain for the fire shower. I like your ordinances on everyone must have on

goggles and the usage of a fire cover. I am besides really pleased with the sum

of issues from the room in the instance of fire.

Overall you have the basic safety maps integral but you still need to

add a twosome of more safeguards for when an exigency might take topographic point.


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