The Sands of Time

10 October 2018

The Sands of Time

Time, one of the things that people never seem to have enough of due to their crowded schedules. The truth is that we can’t truly make statements related to those situations, because the truth is that we can’t honestly say something about time because of how little we actually know about it. Time travel has been a goal for scientists for quite while and they have gotten next to nowhere, the question is, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Due to the lack of progress most would say that it is a bad thing, but the truth is that time travel deals with so many incalculable variables that even a small change in what we know as the time stream could drastically change the future. So is it better that we leave time travel untouched or not, I will try to answer this question truthfully by exposing facts about both sides of the argument and so that you can make your own opinion about time travel I will not incorporate my own opinion.

First I will tell you about the possible positive results of time travel. If humans could travel through time we could fix the errors that were made in the past, we could stop wars, help the sick from the past and try to regain some of the things that we have lost. Also by traveling through time we could go to the past and introduce technology way ahead of the era and jump technology years into the future. Another thing we could do is that we could bring back creatures and plants from the past that we caused to go extinct.

Now that I have listed out some of the great possibilities of traveling through time I must list some of negative possible results. The first thing that I would like to mention is that the time stream is a very delicate thing one small change could alter the present and the future, and possibly not for the better. Also there is the fact that some events that may seem to be negative in the past might possibly save the present. Also the present is doing ok its worked out fine if we change the past we’ll be unpredictably altering the present that we have now, this is the way that it was meant to be, and we should hope that things worked out for the better.

I have now explained some of the pros and cons of time traveling, and I hoped you have formed your opinion on whether it is right or wrong. Remember this is a field that a few inventors are trying to open up so what I mentioned in this article could really happen so don’t doubt everything that I have wrote.

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