The Sanyo Company

4 April 2015
A look at the Sanyo Company’s structures and internal systems.

This is a paper that analyzes Sanyo’s corporate marketing strategies against competitors. The author examines the company’s mission, major competitors, technological environment, marketing strategies and objectives, target market and developing product strategy.
Sanyo Groups of companies believe in environmental friendly product management. This stems from its mission statement, which identifies its goal as: To become an indispensable element and source of pride in the communities where it does business, Sanyo actively searches out opportunities to assist local government, charity organizations and other special groups through philanthropic activity in North America. []. Of the top three major competitors that Sanyo faces are from GE, an American based company and Philips Electronics and Sony both are Japanese counterparts. When Sanyo was first introduced in the American market GE was the dominant player whose popularity among consumers created market barriers to industry.

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Today, however, GE had change its strategy to include production of aircraft engines, locomotives as well as equipment and appliances. Diversity therefore is GE’s arena [,2163,43946,00.html].

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