The Sat Essay Research Paper English 101004Research

7 July 2017

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The Sat Essay Research Paper English 101004Research
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The Sat Essay, Research Paper

English 101.004

Research Paper

March 1, 2000

Does the SAT show a direct correlativity with a pupil? s success rate during his first semester of college?

About every individual who is of the age of 18 or older has encountered some kind of standardised trial at some clip in their lives. Whether or non they scored as they had hoped, is a different narrative. Some people have seen that the mark that they had received on a trial wasn & # 8217 ; t needfully an accurate portraiture of the manner that they were traveling to win at what they were proving for. Many colleges throughout the United States require a peculiar mark from the SAT & # 8217 ; s for entree to their establishment. Does that peculiar trial mark reflect how the pupil is traveling to make in college? Of class it doesn & # 8217 ; t. The SAT is no longer an aptitude trial. The SAT is besides non a valid trial. The SAT & # 8217 ; s besides fail to demo how difficult a pupil works at something, and the possible that they may hold.

What is the SAT? Harmonizing to Good ( 1957 ) , the scholastic-aptitude trial is & # 8220 ; a trial used to foretell the installation with which the person will come on in larning academic school topics & # 8221 ; ( 602 ) . This tells us that the SAT is an aptitude trial. An aptitude trial is & # 8220 ; a trial for finding the chance of a individual & # 8217 ; s success in some activity in which he is non yet trained & # 8221 ; ( Neufeldt 68 ; 1991 ) . The definitions given supra state what the SAT is, and what it does. Not all people agree with this idea. Does the SAT needfully state a high school pupil what sort of classs they are traveling to have their first semester of college? Does the SAT truly prove aptitude? Harmonizing to some experts on the subject, even though the word aptitude appears in the acronym, the trial itself has barely anything to make with aptitude at all ( Lemann # ? ? ; Dejnozka and Kapel ; 456 ) The trial is now more likely correlated with an intelligence trial and an achievement trial.

Harmonizing to Deighton ( 1971 ) & # 8220 ; No trial is valid for all intents, in all state of affairss, or for all groups of pupils ( 165 ) . This is giving an overall statement that no trial can possibley show that it is a valid trial. But, even if the trial did demo worthiness to the effectivity of it & # 8217 ; s proclaimed anticipations, it would still be unable to foretell the future result of the pupils GPA as a college pupil. If the SAT could foretell such a thing, so there would be prognostic cogency shown by the tonss of the trials. & # 8220 ; Predictive cogency

is the proof of Scholastic Aptitude Test ( SAT ) scores as a step of academic ability by their correlativity with subsequent pupil grade-point norms ( Alkin et al. 1330 ) . The SAT can be a slightly nice forecaster of college result, but non the best when used entirely. Lemann ( 1999 ) says “….the SAT is built to make one simple thing: predict what a high school senior’s grade-point norm will be in the first sememster of college. It does this good enought to be utile, though non good plenty to be omniscient ( newpaper page? ) .

If the SAT & # 8217 ; s are non considered an aptitude trial any longer, so why topographic point so much accent on making good on them? The ground being is that many colleges take into consideration the mark that the pupil has received on the SAT as portion of their entryway scrutiny. The colleges should non take such a drastic expression at the SAT & # 8217 ; s, and should pay more attending to the classs that the pupil had received in high school. When used in combination with other factors, the SAT so becomes a utile assistance for college entryway credence. & # 8220 ; SAT tonss, when used together with high school classs or category rank, are better forecasters of college class point norm than are SAT tonss entirely & # 8221 ; ( Dejnizka and Kapel 456 ) .

The SAT is still used to assist do the determinations as to who gets into some schools, eventhough it is entirely a rough manner at acknowledging a pupil. The SAT is no longer an aptitude trial, shows no cogency, and does an extrememly hapless occupation at demoing the ability of the pupil. However, when the SAT is used in concurrence with other factors such as high school GPA, an interview with the pupil, an entryway essay, etc. , so it may be a partly acceptable agencies of anticipation. Not the best paper that I have of all time written, but hope it helps.

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