The Scaffold Essay Research Paper The ScaffoldThe

8 August 2017

The Scaffold Essay, Research Paper

The Scaffold

The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is characterized by three major events that

occur on the town scaffold. What takes topographic point on this platform will find the way which the

three chief characters, Hester Prynne, Mr. Dimmsdale, and their girl Pearl will follow. The

three scenes mark the beginning, in-between, and terminal of their shame.

The scaffold is a platform where felons are punished before all the townsfolk. In this

instance, the felon is Hester Prynne and the crowd has gathered to witness her shame. The first

scene at the baleful platform is Hester? s foremost public visual aspect with the kid and the vermilion

missive. Hester? s hubby, Roger Prynne ( Chillingworth ) makes a sudden reappearance and is

among the looker-ons. The Reverend Mr. Dimmsdale is besides at that place but he does non stand with

Hester on the scaffold, alternatively he stands on the balcony with those who pass judgement on her.

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During this clip, Reverend Mr. Wilson demands that Hester give the name of her lover.

He gives her the opportunity to? take the vermilion missive off [ her ] chest? if she were to? talk out his

name? ( 64 ) . Had she relented and revealed his name she might ne’er hold had to digest the

humiliation of the vermilion missive. But she refused, and so her way was set.

The 2nd clip at the scaffold was a turning point for Hester. She, Pearl, and

Dimmsdale are together for the first clip, ? & # 8230 ; the three formed an electric concatenation? as if the

Ys were

ever meant to be together if something, or person, had non gotten in their manner ( 140 ) . But it

is here that Hester eventually realizes the harm which concealing Chillingworth? s individuality has caused

Dimmsdale. Chillingworth was? a secret enemy & # 8230 ; continually at his side, under the gloss of a

friend and assistant & # 8230 ; ? when in truth he was torturing Dimmsdale at every chance ( 153 ) .

When Hester sees the suffering province that he is in, weak and? on the brink of madness? , it leads her

to later seek him out in the wood to squeal the true individuality of Chillingworth, which in bend leads

to their program to go forth Salem.

Their programs were ne’er carried through because of another visit to the scaffold. This clip,

Hester, Dimmsdale, and Pearl stood manus in manus before the town. Dimmsdale relieves his

scruples and denounces Chillingworth for his lecherousness for retribution. After this concluding katharsis,

Dimmsdale? sinks into a deep rest? and receives some closing before he decease ( 233 ) . ? ? There

was no 1 topographic point so secret, no high topographic point nor humble topographic point, where 1000 couldst have escaped me

salvage on this really scaffold, ? ? says Chillingworth ( 231 ) . In the terminal, the topographic point of their penalty

besides brought them peace.

The way of Hester, Pearl, and Dimmsdale? s lives were changed by the fatal events

at the scaffold. The rhythm of their shame was expressed throughout The Scarlet Letter by these

scenes. The scaffold became a topographic point where the truth and their wickednesss were exposed.

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