The Scandal of Xenophobia in the World

9 September 2016

Knowing this only directs you to the very exact definition and understanding that everybody wants to believe and understand. Broadly defined Xenophobia is fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign. Somehow it shows that xenophobia isn’t only about people who are foreigners but anything that is strange to natives’ eyes mostly that of characterising the foreigners even the institutions of foreigners which goes on to whatever that characterizing them which includes even the attire, food, and accent, practices and so forth.

Further, Xenophobia is an excessive and irrational fear of anything foreign. This fear is most often of foreign people, places or objects. People who are xenophobic may display fear or even anger toward others who are foreign. While xenophobia is often used interchangeably with terms such as prejudice and racism, these terms have different meanings. Xenophobia can manifest itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions of an ingroup towards an outgroup, including a fear of losing identity, suspicion of its activities, aggression, and desire to eliminate its presence to secure a presumed purity.

The Scandal of Xenophobia in the World Essay Example

Xenophobia can also be exhibited in the form of an “uncritical exaltation of another culture” in which a culture is ascribed “an unreal, stereotyped and exotic quality. The justification of me selecting this topic is to clarify further the causes that leads to this dilemma, and how honest are true or false they are. Another matter is that as a South African citizen I have saw more of xenophobic violence so my research is driven by the true facts and events.

So as you might as well know South Africa isn’t the only country that had once involved in a xenophobic violence my justifications are to show further what really upsets native citizens of the country that leads them to this brutal treatment of our fellow foreigner even some of them never go to xenophobic violence but you can see exactly that they wish to do so like United States of America. Having explained what xenophobia really is it has somehow a differing meaning with racism.

If it was as same as racism then the situation in South Africa would be of a differing end not xenophobic because it was a black on black violence which proved, not only proved but seen that it was xenophobic. The following are the major factors why countries like Spain, Rome and South Africa engage to xenophobic violence. The biggest issue of xenophobic violence is that of jobs. The hate that natives have arises mainly form the issue of jobs. The natives claim that the increased overpopulation to one country being filled mostly by foreigners makes them to lose their jobs.

To explain how this is true, those who claim this fact have been talking about the foreigners less payment demand. Say for example in South Africa where we have seen most of the xenophobic violence, when the foreigners come to South Africa, most of them come having no professional skills, some acquire them as soon as they get here and others just don’t bother acquiring any skill. Now those who don’t have professional skills are the ones who become more problematic to the unskilled labour of South Africa.

To explain how this is true, these unskilled labour works in domestic houses of those who are somehow rich, say for example in white people’s houses or Indians and they (foreigners) charges the very low payment to their employers just to be able to afford as little as they can to keep breathing. As this case states, employers are not willing to pay anything much to their employees, now for as cheap as foreigners come they encourage employers to hire them the most and less of South Africans and that results to a great loss of jobs to the natives citizens of the country.

And to the group that acquire professional skills here in South Africa as you might well know that South Africa has a lot of foreigners in the Universities they then become fully qualified for professional jobs and they get hired in masses. As the case states, for the fact that South Africa has so many professionals especially even more of foreign professionals who are somehow want as well to work here in South Africa truly decreases the number of jobs for everyone.

The case of the foreigners who come to South Africa well trained are themselves another big loss of jobs to South Africans or say to any other country not to be specific as we are as well acknowledged South Africa isn’t the only country that had once had xenophobic violence, other countries which are xenophobic are Rome, Germany, Spain, Austria, and Turkey to name a few. These were the views and claims of the angry citizens of South Africa and most common cases of the countries that are or had been xenophobic.

They are not my views or claims. However these claims were somehow seen as not so convincing to other writers such as J. B. Bert who once said “I keep saying this… that the immigrants contribute far more than they take from our economy, but there is a widespread belief that they represent a burden… always cited are the emergency rooms that are overburdened with illegals, how they collect welfare, unemployment, and get free schooling at taxpayer expense.

” Mostly foreigners establish their small businesses to earn a life, so there is no way they could be taking natives jobs and there is no doubt that foreigners are well equipped and hard working. The other factor of xenophobia is that of Economy which usually goes hand in hand with Overpopulation. In the pursuit to increase the economic stability we need a limited active group of population so as to ensure that not everything falls to the masses of people who don’t do so much in the economic development.

It is true that, the greater the population the greater the effectiveness, but when the economy has to be responsible for a great number of people can’t be very successful. It will keep on falling for as long as the foreigners keep coming in with no intension of stopping. The other matter is that when foreigners cross the borders of America for example they don’t spend most of their income inside American borders but take it out of the borders of the country to support their families in South Africa for example.

So for as far as some of Americans net worth goes out to South Africa, America therefore suffers because South Africans take their wealth. However the Americans had proved that however the net worth that goes out of the country taken by foreigners is as little as $45 billion but $460 Billion stays in, in a year’s time. However, not everyone believed that in America as one of the American citizen B. Tony (politicsnbc. com) has said, Illegal immigrants are the most arrogant and despicable individuals in the world. They portray nothing but contempt for the United States and the laws of United States.

They mock American values, gloat at their stupidity for allowing them to enter United States. They take billions of dollars out of United States, much of it unclaimed as income, without paying the proper taxes on that income. Many of them also steal thousands of motor vehicles from American citizens to take back to their home countries when they go home for vacations or Christmas. Having said this however, these are the views of xenophobic citizens of United States. The other most famous factor is that of increased crime due to immigrants.

You might as well know that not all foreigners are in any country legally except theirs. They cross the borders illegally which we could further characterise them as the most dangerous people we have ever had. The truth that leads to that claim is that there could be no genuine innocent man who could dodge the military in the borders, this shows that this is the little a foreigner can do and he is capable of doing something more harmful to the society. Besides everything, crossing the border illegally shows a great undermining of the laws of any country that is being vandalized.

The leaks of dangerous drugs that are smuggled all over the world are mostly subjected to illegal and some legal immigrants. Drugs, fake or imitated clothing are always most of the times busted at the airports carried brought by immigrants. Surely they don’t only come for work as everybody assumes but it’s the least they could be doing. Not only they do crimes themselves but they also influence the native citizens of the country to do more of their illegal works like producing fake identity documents, they bribe home affairs officials with money to get them the documents.

Now the country’s law is broken up to its limits and the world has turned out to be very chaotic due to some of the immigrants. Some people regard the masses of illegal immigrants as an indicator of the weak security system of the country. It seems therefore that there is a lot that upsets the native citizens than just what people think. Having clarified above all the factors that are somehow lead to xenophobic violence, I’m pegging the way to show the exact threats to a country that is xenophobic or discriminating the humanitarian rights by being so brutal to foreigners.

Now the most devastating threat is the image of the country that is xenophobic, as you might as well know that South Africa is regarded as one of the dangerous countries on earth due to xenophobia. Most of the deals are denied to South Africa because the image of South Africa has been degraded due to its own xenophobic practices. Further South Africans have been portrayed as the violators of the humanitarian rights as they treated people brutally by beating and even burning them.

This is the major hit to South Africa and it will take years for it to clear its name in the world record. Most of the famous superstars rather miss their biggest events than to come and risk their lives in South Africa. However, South Africa now still have lots of immigrants but less xenophobic practices at a point in time, maybe that’s one of its ways in dealing with is past bad xenophobic violence. The other threat of xenophobia is that a country practices xenophobic violence, it may be regarded as it seeks to exist in isolation and never want the help of the other countries.

The world order then might not intervene into any of the problems that are faced by a xenophobic country because they are scared and afraid that their representatives may be brutally murdered or treated as that is what a xenophobic country does as usual. The use of xenophobic violence by South Africa has then indicated a severe undermine of the Humanitarian Rights, therefore there shouldn’t be any help offered to or intervention offered to South Africa as it is its best resolution to literally go to violence and conflict to resolve its problems.

The world ends-up fearing countries like South Africa and it lets it do whatever it wants to do with its own citizens or it lets is exist in isolation as it pleases. The other threat is that of the economy. Rich countries are not willing to invest in a violent motivated country because as obvious it fears the lives of its representatives who are to be working with a country. Not all that could make rich countries not to invest in this xenophobic country but as you might as well know that businessmen are reluctant to invest where there are many possibilities of producing a loss.

The same applies for a xenophobic country, as violent as it is; it shows in carelessness about the growth of the country’s economy and otherwise capitalizing in violent practices. Now when the rich countries of the world are reluctant to invest in a certain countries which are xenophobic, that means the end of that country. Not only that the rich countries won’t invest into them but mostly won’t take the xenophobic countries deals as well because they are not sure what do they think of them and they want to do business with them.

The other factor is that of returning a favour. What the other countries of the world would do is to return a favour to xenophobic countries. For as much as xenophobic countries don’t want foreigners to cross their borders, the other countries might as well ban or forbid xenophobic countries from crossing their border as well. This is one of another big hit for xenophobic countries especially when they have to go to other countries for education and research.

This would mean whatever xenophobic country knows now is the end of it, nothing else and that is because of the strict barred borders of the other countries towards those countries. A situation like this is a really serious matter for xenophobic country and they should regard it as a major threat that they should first think about before going on with their hatred driven violence towards innocent, desperate, hardworking and delegated foreigners. On how to bring to an end the threats that are resulted by xenophobia will first start with ending the xenophobia first.

Now for the fact that you will never be sure that xenophobia has come to an end it leaves a scar of a lifetime to a xenophobic country and other countries of the world never forgets about the prior practices of that country and that’s exactly what constitutes the above mentioned threats. To save a country and the world against these threats the responsible country will have to present itself in front of every crisis it has caused and its abuse of humanitarianism. First things first, it must start by uniting with

the countries it has wronged which seem to be the rest of it so the easy way is to unite with organization that are in favour of Humanitarian. The country must surrender to the public and admit its brutal treatment of the foreigners and show how sorry it is and give its way forward towards correcting its bad practices of the past. There are more other unity forms the country can take for as long as it could do it. Like for example, the unity that was experienced in the world cup had somehow changed peoples mind about South Africa after all.

It must show its willingness towards ask for forgiveness to those who were wronged and suggest any possible way to make up for it. By so doing it clears its name into the entire international system. Also it gains back its economic interactions with the countries that have terminated its interactions with them. Also it calls upon for the need of intervention by other organisation in the times of crisis, the help it could possibly get from UN or AU as it will be subjected to be the member of these organization once it has realised its bad prior practices, they won’t be forced to join otherwise.

South Africa needs a strong moral leadership to counter fear, rumors and intimidation against foreign nationals. To counter the voices that call today’s migration a challenge to the United Nations Declaration, this established the territorial sovereignty of the nation-state. Judging by the length of the fence along our border and the unacceptably high levels of intolerance in our communities on the one hand, and the unity in our country demonstrated during the World Cup on the other, nation-states do not appear to be going away.

Their people, increasingly, do. The ‘Unite as One’ campaign which is spearheaded by civil society leaders and aimed at collecting a million signed pledges against xenophobia, intolerance, intimidation and violence could not have come at a more appropriate time. Launched to coincide with Mandela Day, the campaign had run until African Human Rights Day on 17 October. It calls on everyone to intensify their efforts to build a country in which people, in spite of their language or country of origin, respect each other and live together peacefully. Conclusion

Xenophobia as bad as it is and its threats it poses towards the country’s image as a whole must come to an end. Possible measures to stop the world must take place as I have mentioned above. The state is a state because of the other states; no state should exist in isolation. The increased interdependency must be appreciated.

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