The Scarlet Letter

6 June 2017

Nathaniel Hawthorne, shows through the characters how the distress of withholding secrets outweighs the etriments of honesty. . Hawthorne seems to believe that even after working toward redemption, if one doesnt forgive oneself, redemption has no significance. 9. Hawthorne believes that guilt will consume a person until it leaves a mark, both physically and mentally. 10. According to Hawthorne, seeking revenge ultimately leads to self-destruction. 11. Hawthorne seems to be saying that the idea of sin is subject to social norms. 12. According to Hawthorne, a society full of repressive laws and rules leads Inevitably to hypocrisy.

Next, you will choose one or two of the following literary elements or techniques that Hawthorne most clearly uses to convey the idea you have chosen. (Note: If you choose to write about only one, you must have a lot to say about it! ): symbolism characterization internal conflict Imagery setting Instructions: In class, you will write a four-paragraph essay analyzing the theme you’ve chosen using the literary elements/techniques you’ve chosen. Please come to class with ONLY this completed worksheet.

If you bring anything more, such as more notes or an entire essay, it will be confiscated. You must have two examples from the text”ln the form of quotations or paraphrases ”for each body paragraph. (If It Is hard for you to come up with four examples of your element or technique, you should choose a second one. ) Remember to analyze and interpret; only briefly restate the story for the purpose of your analysis. Make sure that you also contextualize the quote so that a reader not familiar with the story an understand your essay.

Outline: Thesis statement: Topic sentence #1 : (first body paragraph) Quote or paraphrase #1 Quote or paraphrase #2 Lit. element/technique #2: Topic sentence #2: (second body paragraph) Remember to cite the page number at the end of your quotation or paraphrase. If you need more space, you may write on the back of this sheet. You must turn this sheet in along with your essay. Points will be taken off your essay grade if it is not filled out completely.

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