The Scarlet Letter Forest Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

The Scarlet Letter ( Forest ) Essay, Research Paper

The Mysterious Forest

In Nathaniel Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter, life is centered around a stiff Puritan society. In this society, people are non allowed to show their true ideas and feelings. Every human being needs the chance to show how they truly feel ; otherwise the emotions become bottled up until they begin to ache the individual. Unfortunately, the Puritans were non allowed this type of look. Fortunately, at least for the four chief characters, Hawthorne has created a wood to give them shelter. The forest offers a sanctuary from the abrasiveness of Puritan life, symbolizes the character of Pearl and represents immorality.

The forest offers a sanctuary from the abrasiveness of mundane Puritan life. In the forest, many polar characters can convey forth concealed emotions and ideas. The forest trail leads characters off from the Puritan colony, and out into the dense and dark wood. This seems to be the lone flight for the Puritans in the novel. This is the lone topographic point where the people can be free from Puritan jurisprudence and codification. It is here, in the wood that Dimmesdale can show his deep love for Hester and where she can make the same for him.

The wood is a topographic point where freedom can be established. Here, cipher tickers to describe misbehavior, as they do in the colony. Here, people may make as they wish. The wood seems to implore Hester, Throw off the bonds of jurisprudence and faith, come to me and be matterless ( Hawthorne 176 ) . She takes advantage of the forest s offer when she meets up with Dimmesdale. She openly negotiations with Dimmesdale about topics that would ne’er be mentioned in any other topographic point but the forest. As they sit on a moss bed, Hester tells Dimmesdale What we did Hester reminds him, Had a consecration of its ain. We felt it so, we said that to each other ( Hawthorne 186 ) ! Shocked, Dimmesdale rapidly hushes her, for this is the first clip they have mentioned this issue. He finally realizes that he is in a safe environment. Here in the forest they can throw away all of the Torahs and be themselves. The forest provides an umbrella of security for the chief characters.

Throughout The Scarlet Letter, the forest symbolizes Pearl. Pearl and the forest go manus in manus. One of Pearls favourite activities is playing with the flowers and trees. The Puritans believe that anything associated with the wood is evil, so Pearl must hold has a small flicker in her. Hawthorne says, And she was gentler here than in the grassy-margined streets of the colony, or in her female parents bungalow. The flowers appeared to cognize it ( 194 ) . Pearl evidently fit in with natural things. Like the forest, Pearl is cryptic and wild.

The forest, being the cryptic topographic point that it is, represents Pearl in the novel because she is non to the full understood. It is hard to state why she does certain things, and what she i

s believing when she does them. When aliens in the town spoke to Pearl, she would non reply them. Alternatively She gazed intently, but ne’er sought to do familiarity ( Hawthorne 96 ) .

Often times, Puritan kids would garner around her, they were funny and wanted to interact with her. Alternatively of talking to them, she would shout at them, She snatched up rocks and flung them at the guiltless kids ( Hawthorne 95 ) . Hawthorne describes Pearl as about witch-like, With shrill, incoherent exclaimings that made her female parent tremble because they had so much the sound of a enchantresss anathema s in some unknown lingua ( 96 ) . Cipher understood her or why she did such atrocious things.

Pearl was besides wild like the forest, The kid could non be made conformable to the regulations ( Hawthorne 93 ) . She frequently threw flowers at her female parents A. In the wood, Pearl would run rampantly, she would swing mediate trees and ballad in the tall grass. She had energy and natural sleight ( Hawthorne 92 ) . The Puritan society was non the topographic point for pearl. They were non ready for such a extremist at this clip, and she was a extremist! Pearl and the forest go together manus in manus because they are both cryptic and wild.

The forest itself besides represents immorality. The Puritans believe that the wood and anything associated with it are evil. This would intend that the Black adult male, Mistress Hibbins and the enchantresss all evil in Puritan eyes.

Throughout the novel, there is a changeless mention to the Black adult male, who is better known to us as the Satan. While in the wood, Pearl asks Hester, Tell me a narrative a narrative about the black adult male ( Hawthorne 177 ) . Pearl goes on to ask about the black adult male. Hester tells her that he is evil, that he lives in the wood, and that she has signed his book. She is once more acknowledging to her wickedness. So, Pearl of all people, is in the wood, asking about the Black adult male, what a combination, evil, evil, evil! Mistress Hibbins can besides be seen in the wood during her enchantresss meetings. Mistress Hibbins asks Hester, will thou travel with us tonight I good neigh promised the Black adult male ( Hawthorne 116 ) . Hester Prynne does non desire to hold anything to make with the immorality, and tells her no. The wood is a deep dark topographic point where immorality and anarchic people run rampantly. The Puritans reject Pearl, who is like the forest. They besides reject the Black adult male who lives there and the enchantresss, who meet at that place.

Puritan society can be rough and can deteriorate one s inner ego. Hawthorne created the forest to give characters a topographic point to get away and show their true emotions and beliefs. The wood was a topographic point where thoughts and feeling could flux every bit infinitely as the babble creek. The emotions expressed, every bit good as Pearl, were every bit wild as the wood. The forest played the most of import function in the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It provided an umbrella of security for the characters, symbolized Pearl and was a symbol of immorality in itself.

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