The School of Rock

3 March 2018

School of Rock The ‘School of Rock’ is about an over confident guitarist Dewey Finn played by Jack Black. This film is written by Mike White, it is produced by Scott Riding along with being directed by Richard Eliminate. In this film Dewey Finn is a selfish so called “rock star”.

He pushes his luck with the band and uses people to get what he wants or where he wants. A lot of the way through this film you come to terms with what makes the film what it is today, like lighting techniques, the uses of sound, the use of camera ND so forth, this all sets up the viewers for the rest of the film.The film starts with what looks like a spotlight onto a man’s t-shirt, this then joins in with the title graphics as on the back of his T-shirt is “Paramount Pictures” the way this is presented is eye catching as the spotlight on the man’s back shows you that is where you focus the title graphics are embedded into the film, the print is white bold lettering onto a black background on the man’s t-shirt, you can also here the man’s footsteps as he walks in front of the camera.Soon we are led to the door of the club, the door swings open with a thud, showing it is a fire exit door, the lighting in this frame is dull and misty almost, when the door is swung open you notice the club’s name in bold red neon lighting, we see this straight away as it is eye catching because of the bright red color and the dark wall that the name is presented on, the club’s name is ‘The School of Rock’.In the short time we see this name, the ‘S’ flickers, this then shows the audience that the club/venue is not the best or newest place around, as the camera moves away from the name, we see the audience by the stage, bar and tables, once again the lighting is dull, in the background you can hear music coming from the stage, The music is faint but gradually grows louder the closer you get to the stage immediately you are drawn to the stage as it is the only thing lit up well in the club, the band playing is very calm and focused, except for the guitarist, Dewey Finn, he jumps around the stage and doesn’t take it seriously, the camera cuts to a long shot, and you see the band properly for the first time, the rest of the band are taking it seriously, but Dewey is not. The camera then cuts to a close up, and changes from Dewey to the other band members; this shows the audience that the band members are tired of Dewey it is no surprise that Dewey will shortly be kicked out of the band.After a few moments, Dewey rips off his T-shirt and does a stage dive, however, nobody catches him, at this point you can see how the camera follows him with a hand-held shot, therefore, making it more realistic, when Dewey hits the floor of the venue, people gather around him, the lighting used here its green, but still very dull, this gives us the hint that he is drunk.

The sound used in this specific scene you can here glass smashing, bottles rolling away and people mumbling, slowly this all turns into traffic and people outside the next morning moving into the next scene. As this all changes the camera in the club, hovers over Dewey on the floor the pans out and revolves, this along with the green lighting implies again that he will be hung over the next morning.Dewey Finn is a very lazy man who uses people all the time, he runs low on rent and needs to get a job quickly, so one day he was in an attempt to sell his attar to make some money to pay back his roommate, Ned, when the phone rings, he answers it and the camera switches to Miss Mullions, the Principal of Hoarseness Prep School, asking for a substitute teacher, the Dewey jumps to this and takes Needs place as a substitute, however, the Miss-en-scene is horrific, the contrast between Miss Mullions and Dewey Ann is enormous, Dewey is lazy, scrappy, selfish, extremely untidy, and stubborn, Miss Mullions however, is the complete opposite, this contrast between the two characters prepares the audience for the film to be a comedy.

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