The School Voucher Program

4 April 2015
A detailed discussion of the controversial proposed School Voucher program.

This study was designed to determine whether a school voucher program is really what the public desires or if changes in education are desired regardless of where the education occurs. It asks the question is the public willing to pay an additional tax to fund the program. Background and statement of the problem are presented, as well as a review of the literature.
“America has always prided itself on being the best nation in the world. Many nations turn to America for assistance, advice and guidance in many areas including economics, trade, and military actions. The one place that America seems to be lagging of late is the area of education. Each year there are reports released that detail the fact that American students are behind Japanese, German and other counterparts when it comes to standardized test scores in the academic basics. This has led to many heated debates and suggestions for improvements and one of the suggestions has been to provide a government funded voucher program that will allow parents to send their students to private schools if they are not satisfied with the education the public school system provides.”

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