The School’s Donation

12 December 2018

The donation money graciously given to the school should be used on adding honors and courses to the high school curriculum. An honor’s course is a class that can be taken through the school, a college level class giving the student who completes the course to receive double-credit. The student will receive high school and college credits. The student will be given a certain number of credits helping the student get some high school credits out of the way. The student will also receive college credits, giving them the opportunity to get a head-start on their college career; while saving money at the same time. Adding honors courses is the best way to use the donation money to benefit the most people.

Many schools these days are offering their students more than just the basic classes. Today’s world demands more from kids and these honors courses will challenge students into becoming better and brighter people. The students will benefit so much from challenging themselves. These courses are given to add depth to the curriculum by giving students the opportunity to pick classes that meet their interest’s and needs. Some students know what they want to be when they leave high school and others don’t; either one is okay, but these courses either let the student start on getting that occupation or allows them to explore and find things they excel at.

The School’s Donation Essay Example

These days’ kids want to be independent. They want to choose their own path and not listen to Mom and Dad. The student can sort of decide want skills they have and maybe discover something they didn’t even know they liked or were good at. These courses offer such a wide range of possibilities that a student can learn about. You could take a course in areas of English, Business, Math, Social Behaviors, Technology, even Mechanics, and Biology. All of these would give you an advantage taking these courses in high school will look really good on an application for college.

The donation money would be a great investment in the honors courses. The cost of adding honors courses depends solely on the cost of that particular class. Each class will be different, but you can count on buying books for every class. The other cost is the teacher; if the course it taken on-line through a college a teacher will be provided, but otherwise a teacher knowledgeable on the subject will have to teach it. This will give a few teachers the opportunity to make some extra money or allow for a couple teachers to be hired. Not all cost is bad. There is one aspect of the cost of these classes that is a good thing. That is the cost that the students will save by taking these courses in high school. College tuition is not cheap, but you can get some of your general classes that you have to take in college out of the way and get closer to earning your degree.
There are students who work very hard their whole academic career, and there are those that don’t. I think those students who do work hard should be rewarded for their efforts. These courses will also be a lot more challenging for the student and the grade could be worth more than a normal high school course. This would reward a student who has challenged themselves by being worth more for their total GPA. Our current GPA scale is 4 points for an A, 3 points for a B, 2 points for a C, 1 point for a D, and no credit for an F. “The GPA scale for an honors/advanced placement course would be 5 points for an A, 4 points for a B, 3 points for a C, 2 points for a D, and 1 point for an F.” (“Participating in Honors Courses”).
The weighted GPA scale would reward the students who worked hard. It would also give a student who may have slacked off a little a chance to redeem themselves by taking harder courses and making up points on their GPA. I know that I had a semester that I became lazy and earned a couple C’s and regretted it. If I took a couple courses such as these I could maybe redeem myself to get a much higher GPA. This increases the chances for scholarships and other academic awards helping one’s college career.

As you can tell, there are so many reasons that this is the best choice for the use of the donation. Everyone can benefit so much from adding honors courses to our high school. The students will receive a better education. The parents will be overjoyed at the accomplishments of their children. The school will receive praise and support from the community more than ever.

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