The Science Fair

The science fair is a place where students can show their knowledge of science. As I was showing my science teacher my science project, she suggested that I should join the science fair. I thought about it and I signed up for the science fair. Even though I was not sure what I had to do, I still joined. I was in the sixth grade when this event happened. I think that this event is important because it taught me that I always have to work hard for what I want. I learned that I cannot get something without working for it. I also learned that working for something like a science fair is not that easy, but I have to try.

For the fair, I had to choose an experiment and a project to do. I researched for a few days on what project was going to be about. My project was about if things would be lighter under different liquids. My teacher approved my topic. Then I had to prepare my project. I did the experiment all in one afternoon. I had all the information but, I still had to add it to the board. I decorated the board and covered it with vivid colors. I was very pleased with my finished project. I had a good time doing the experiment.

Next, I had to get the application from my teacher. I filled out the application and got it signed. A few days later, my teacher told me that my topic was approved. I was to go to the science fair a week after. When that time came, my dad drove me to the fair. When we got there, I had to sign in and set up my project. It was a really big room with a lot of people. People who were there were also setting up their projects and preparing to explain their projects. I was really excited to be there.

While I was there, I had to answer the many questions that the judges had. The judges were walking around and asking questions about people’s projects. I had to explain my project many times. I was there for about three and a half hours. For the whole afternoon, I was just waiting for the judges to come and ask me questions about my project. I did not have anything to do. After that afternoon I was not that glad to be in the science fair.

A week later, I received five tickets to go to Great America. I was very excited to be in the science fair again. When we got there, I found out that I had got second place in the science fair. I had got a little blue ribbon. I was so glad that my project had gotten second place. We spent the rest of the day playing in Great America. We went on a lot of rides including a roller coaster. It was raining that day so they gave us three extra tickets. I am very proud to say that I participated in the science fair.

The science fair has helped me learn that if you want something you have to work hard for it. I think that if I did not work that hard on my project, I would not have gotten second place. Even though it was not first place, I think that it gave me a good experience. It has also given me a lot of knowledge. I might even join another science fair.

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