The Scientists of Tomorrow

If science is the most hated subject in schools, who is going to innovate tomorrow?

It is said that 7 of every 10 students hate subjects such as math, chemistry, physics or biology. These subjects are pretty important in engineering or any other carrier, which are the responsibility of all the technology that can help us and make our life easier, so if nobody studies that, who is going to develop all that technology that we need?

I think the main trouble with this is that students hate these subjects because they don’t have a good teacher, so they can’t enjoy how amazing is the world seen through science eyes. Just look around you, surely there is something related to technology there, and we use it every day. But have you ever wondered about how does that machine function? What is inside of it? Who discovered that and how? Well, science can answer all that question, and it can show you how from the biggest, to the smallest part of it, from the metal to the chemical reactions inside of it, from the motor to the electrons and particles that compounds it.Because we live in a world full of worlds, and science is the master key that can open to us the doors of those worlds.In my opinion schools should take more care about who they hire, and organisations should start introducing teens to this amazing world, because science its the future.And maybe if after trying science is not for you, don’t worry, just try to stay updated.Because if more people start being interested in it, we can develop things faster and better because as its said two heads are better than one.

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