The Script #3

8 August 2019

The Script’s third album, appropriately titled “#3,” contains some of the group’s finest music to date, containing 13 spectacular new songs and ­a video giving fans the chance to see the album being constructed.

Released in the U.K. two years after “Science & Faith,” “#3” has a more fast-paced urban feel than previous releases. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be complete without a few tracks dedicated to the genre the Script first found itself in. These are “Kaleidoscope,” a song rich in guitar chords, and my personal favorite, “Six Degrees of Separation.”

The lyrics sung by Danny O’Donoghue are positively glowing with artistry and flare. Coincidently, “Glowing” is the name of the fifth track, which contains a beautiful melody that conveys a story. This storytelling quality is sought after by many artists, and has been demonstrated by The Script since their first, self-titled album in 2008.

Written for O’Donoghue’s late father and guitarist Mark Sheehan’s parents, “If You Could See Me Now” is a stunning tribute featuring a beautiful chorus. Its emotionally engaging lyrics were taken from a page of Sheehan’s diary, inviting fans into the private lives of the band members.

This exquisite collection from Ireland’s famed alternative rock band showcases the musical talents of the trio while providing listeners with an array of sensational new sounds. The Script never fails to impress and have done so again here. Danny, Mark, and Glen have created an album filled with tones of pop-rock and ingenious ballads, and they deserve every ounce of credit for their continued success.

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