The Secret Life of Bees Essay Sample

In the movie “The Secret Life of Bees” directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood an of import thought was maternity. It was the strongest thought in the movie and can be described as the linkage of the narrative. It showed you the effects of guilt and the importance of love and place. Lily Owens was the character that most strongly connected to this thought. Ocular and unwritten characteristics such as costume. music. and camera motion help us understand the thought of maternity throughout the movie. The first clip the subject of the importance of maternity was portrayed was in the gap scenes of the movie when Lilt by chance shot her female parent. The unwritten technique of duologue efficaciously combined with the ocular shootings to assist me understand a small of how Lily’s female parent couldn’t be at that place for her as she was excessively weak to stand up to her hubby T. Ray. We hear the statement between Lily’s female parent and her male parent taking to her female parent naming out “Lily! ” This usage of duologue made me understand the thought that Lily’s female parent was in problem and a victim-therefore. non able to decently protect her girl.

Another ocular technique used that helped me to understand Lily’s loss and feeling of heartache and self-blame at losing her female parent which lasted through her childhood was the usage of subdued lighting and close-up shootings in the scene instantly after her mother’s decease. The deficiency of fussing love and protection for Lily resulted her being in a modus operandi of maltreatment from her male parent T. Ray. Lily did see fussing love from other of import people in her life. The first individual who showed her this was her nanny. Rosaleen. A scene in which this mothering love became evident was after Lily had been harshly punished by her male parent when he erroneously believed her dark visit to see her mother’s properties was in order to run into a male child. It was her birthday and Rosaleen had baked a bar. Several camera shootings showed how Rosaleen was taking the function of Lily’s female parent and standing up to T. Ray on Lily’s behalf.

A combination of ocular and unwritten techniques helped stress this thought. Lily besides found fostering fussing love in the sanctuary of the Boatwright home-particularly from the materfamilias of the Boatwright place. August. A scene which showed this motherly love in action was August was learning Lily about the bees. “…women make the best apiarists. because they have a particular ability built into them to love animals that biting. It comes from old ages of loving kids and hubbies. ” The bee that August was speaking about symbolized Lily’s female parent as she had endured many old ages of T. Ray. In decision I have stated that an of import thought was maternity and maternally love in the movie “The Secret Life of Bees” directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. I have outlined how unwritten and ocular techniques were used to do me understand this thought in relation to Lily’s coming-of-age.

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