The Self Awareness module of ILL will assist a Field Grad officer with performing duties for the next ten years. The goal of leadership is to attain positive gains toward mission accomplishment (Coleman). Studies show that highly competent senior managers utilize multiple leadership styles (Coleman). The best choice and measure of any particular leadership style is dependent upon the situation (Coleman). The best leaders use an arraignment of leadership styles to effectively accomplish organizational mission (Coleman).

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Managers, who are able to fluctuate between four or more styles of leadership, maintain a positive organizational atmosphere and operation (Coleman). Leaders must coach, inspire, energize, unite, and develops (Coleman). Leadership styles can be learned (Coleman). Gone are the days of the Segregated Army. Today’s Army is comprised of a diverse group of individuals. The diversity span includes culture, race, religion, gender, native origin, etc. The Self Awareness module of ILL instructs that leaders must acknowledge and understand the persona of the group members. This understanding promotes organizational unity and effectiveness (Command and

General Staff College). The Self Awareness module of ILL also introduces tools to increase self-awareness and the understanding of others. One tool mentioned is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Command and General Staff College). This tools helps leaders better understand self-traits regarding viewpoint and decision-making. This understanding promotes conflict resolution, efficiency, communication and unity (Command and General Staff College). This module reveals four fundamental personal actions: intellectual concentration, method of perception, method of judgment and view of the external community.

Each category consists of two opposite traits. These opposite traits include extroversion verses introversion, sensing verses intuition, thinking verses feeling and Judging verses perceiving (Command and General Staff College). The trait combination determines the behavior style of a person. The Self Awareness module of ILL uses a step-by-step approach to guide individuals in determining personality types. The module also guides individuals through how to re-assess and change a personality type. Good decision-making is key in leadership.

The information gathered from this module alps leadership determine the decision makers of an organization (Command and General Staff College). The Self Awareness module of ILL

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reveals stumbling blocks This information enhances conflict resolution. This module also discusses how to both identify and use behavioral indications. This module instructs that stress can be an indicator that organizations members personality types are not conducive to the organization functions. This module points out good reasons for changing a personality trait. The Self Awareness module of ILL educates leaders on learning styles and preferences.

By using personality trait information, one can better understand and identify personal preferences regarding learning. This module also introduces tools such as the learning style inventory that assist with determining the best learning atmosphere on an individual basis. The module additionally reveals the impact that learning has on conflict resolution, team building, relationship development and problem solving (Command and General Staff College). The methods and cycles of learning are explained. The improvement of use in weaker learning styles is suggested. The used styles of learning must be balanced.

Multi- source Assessment and feedback is an essential leadership tool introduced. This tool increases self-awareness, reveals strengths, reveals weaknesses and aids in production of an individual development plan. This identifies the importance of peer and subordinate assessment of a leader. This assessment is known as the 360 assessment (Command and General Staff College). The Individual Development Plan is an additional tool that is useful in helping leaders achieve goals. This tool helps the leader identify a personal vision. This modules differentiates the difference between goals and objectives.

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