The Self-Induced Outsider

4 April 2015
The following essay examines the definition of an “outsider” and focuses on the “self-induced outsider” with specific reference to Michael Jackson.

This paper gains insight into the general public opinion of Michael Jackson according to the black-based media, and then according to the white-based media; ultimately ending with an analysis of the similarities and differences between the two to show how he has alienated himself from both races.
From the paper:

“According to The Seattle Times, November 15, 1996, a report is written about Michael Jackson’s first public appearance after marrying Lisa Marie Presley and includes the comment; Jackson, without his trademark face mask. This is obviously an attempt to create a negative image of Michael Jackson. There is no need for this so-called news report to include this snide remark. These types of reports, however, seemed to be the majority throughout the white media. The white population seemed to focus on the negative aspects of Michael Jackson every chance they got. There were very few reports on his achievements in his professional career, but numerous reports focusing on his private life.”

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