The Sickness Album by Disturbed

8 August 2019

How many of you were born in the year 2000? Some of you may be born in the 90’s but most can say they were born in the year 2000. Since it was the start of the new millennium everything was changing. TV was changing, everybody was growing up and changing ways of living, and music was starting to get more hip-hoppy. (If that is considered a word) But Rock was still in its peak and Rock was changing the way music was being played, and one such band named Disturbed released their Debut Album titled “The Sickness” which released on March 7, 2000 and was an instant success! Hitting #1 on the charts in just a few weeks of its release. I will go through my top 3 songs from that album and tell you why you should listen to “The Sickness” on your moble device.

The first song we will get into is Disturbed’s first single “Stupify”. If you are looking to find out what Disturbed’s music is like, this song will tell you, 2 seconds into the song and you are already jamming to the guitar and drums pounding in your ears, the song is about relationship problems because of race… sounds weird but it is still a good song. The song is really fast paced and will get you jamming and headbanging before the ending of the song.

The next song is called “Voices”. This song is about paranoia and the ‘voices in his head’. With the beat slowly fading in and the beat drop just waiting for David to start screaming, the first 10 seconds of the song will have you tapping your foot and then when David screams “So” for a second and the drums start pounding, you will be headbanging and jamming to this in no time. In the end you may be asking yourself “Are you breathing?” as that is what David says in the song.

The last song I am gonna review on this album is everyones favorite song “Down with the Sickness”. This was Disturbed’s most played and most famous track until “The Sound Of Silence” came out but that review will happen later. This song is completely a metaphor. It is about how “mother society” beats its “children” into submission. It is a straight out attack on comformity (“the Sickness”). This song is one of my favorite songs and it is easy to see why. Another fun fact is getting “Down With The Sickness” means accepting people for who they are so we can all function better. Most people will know this song because of the “Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah” at the start of the track. That part of the song is what took Disturbed to be one of the most famous rock/metal bands of all time. I highly recommend you checking out these songs and other songs from Disturbed if you haven’t, you will not regret it.

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