The Significance of Alfred, Lord Tennyson

4 April 2015
Examines Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s background, style of writing, and his inspirations for In Memoriam and Morte D’ Arthur.

This paper looks at the life of one of the most renowned Victorian poets, Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The author discusses how his works reflected the moral and intellectual values of his time, Tennyson’s inspirations, the mystical imagery in his poems, and his vast popularity. The paper examines two of Tennyson’s most famous works, In Memoriam and Morte D’Arthur.
`A true spokesperson for the middle-class Victorians, Alfred, Lord Tennyson reflected prevailing altitudes toward moral and religious concerns of individuals living in a universe redefined by scientific discoveries. A chief representative, and perhaps the most influential poet of the Victorian era in poetry, Tennyson uses his beliefs, personal experiences, and problems to write some of the greatest poetry ever written.`

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