The Silent Circus by Between the Buried and Me

10 October 2019

Between the Buried and Me’s second studio album became a sleeper hit of the early 2000’s era. Much like Dream Theater and Images and Words, The Silent Cicus became their first sucessful album in 2003. Thanks to tracks like Mordicai and Lost Perfection the album and band became known.

As for me they decided to add a touch more progression in their music which is evident in Lost Perfection parts 1 and 2 as well as Mordicai. This album happens to surpass the 50 minute mark and begins the story of The Parallax from Lost Perfection which I like. Though Lost Perfection hunts the end of the world and uses different character arcs like the Third adult is Prospect 1 and the Baby is Prospect 2. The clowns are the Night Owls, which are further extended opon in Fossil Genera in The Great Misdirect. The Single known as Mordicai is also a treasured classic in the catalogue. Mordicai is also one of those songs that drasticly transition from hardcore Metalcore to soft prog rock which is what the next few tracks turn out to lead to. Of course we have the epic finale that ends the album off well. Though this album isn’t perfect, in most of the tracks we have nothing but heavy, chushing riffs which gets tiring after a while and some of the songs are just weird and unnatural.

If you want a good starting place for this band I would say start here but, do it at your own risk. 7/10

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