The Silk Road Research Essay Sample

9 September 2017

My research about the Silk Road has been an educational escapade to the admirations of universe civilisation. The cognition I gained has led me to believe that integrity is critical to come on. By bridging Asia to Europe and Africa. people. thoughts. and civilizations were similarly interconnected that strengthened the geographic. economic. political. and spiritual dimensions of other states. I was amazed of how long the route was and the tremendous resources of work force and stuffs used in edifice such a monumental project.

It was genuinely a singular accomplishment by adult male worthy of congratulations. I was besides surprised to see many images of rich historical landmarks. antediluvian ruins. and beautiful landscapes found along the route. Sing those images seemed to link me to the yesteryear and made me believe that in order to travel frontward we have to larn the lessons of our history. That is why it is highly of import to continue and protect our history.

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However. some of these historical sites and sceneries are now threatened by hoarded wealth searchers and archeological diggings. The inspiring narratives behind this extraordinary human enterprise should learn us the values of cooperation and communicating. By sharing and esteeming other people’s beliefs and traditions. possibly we can work and populate peacefully in this helter-skelter universe of ours for coevalss to come.


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