The Simplicity of Happiness

Happiness can occur at the simplest of times. Unintentional and unpredictable, these moments have the longevity of a butterfly. It is not in the β€œduring,” but the β€œafter” where the realization actually hits: I have just experienced the joy of happiness. I achieved this realization when I cleared my throat, and its raspiness suddenly reminded me of the wonderful, ephemeral event taking place just moments ago.
β€œWhat’s so funny?” my friends wanted to know as we all sat down at our lunch table. I tried to explain through a series of uncontrollable laughter, but nothing comprehensible came out. However, because my laugh was so contagious, my friends eventually joined in. Soon, we were all laughing, our heads bouncing like a bunch of ridiculous bobble heads. We laughed—crazily, stupidly—with absolutely no purpose, at absolutely nothing.
Somewhere in the middle of our laughing session, the bell rang, bringing an abrupt halt to the highlight of my day. This seemingly insignificant event enhanced not only the quality of my day, but also my well-being. It cleansed my soul and filled it with positive thoughts.
Perhaps happiness is like a phoenix. The moment dies, but its flame lingers on, and eventually sparks another instant of happiness. Even though lunch is over, my newfound optimism lives on as I experience my next moment of happiness. My memories of happiness may be simple, but their impacts are profound. They build inside me a driving force that enables me to conquer the many challenges that I face in life.

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