The Slopes of War Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Summary of the Book

The American Civil War started when Union troops headed toward Richmond. Virginia in the early summer of 1816. At Bull Run. the left side of the watercourse in Virginia. The Union Troops encountered the Confederate ground forces. This led to a heavy combat ensuing in the deceases of 1000s of soldiers of both sides and so people realized that this war was anything but civil.

It is one of the strangest conflicts in the history of the universe as male parents were up against their ain boies. brothers were prepared to cut the pharynxs of their ain brothers. and the households were contending themselves. The wretchedness of the conflict. the agony of the young persons. the bawlings of the adult females. and the emotional impact of civil discord on soldiers. their households and the on the state as whole was immense and it is all chronicled in the novelThe Slopes of Warby N A Perez.

Perez narrates a narrative of the Summerhill household. which centers on the Battle of Gettysburg. Three of the household members of Rebekah Summerhill. were contending in the war. Rebekah’s brother Buck Summerhill attach toing with his friend Tully Willard. were genitalias in the Union Army.

Rebekah’s two cousins Custis and Mason Walker were genitalias in the Confederate Army. The scenes of force in this narrative. which centers on the Battle of Gettysburg. were dismaying. Perez presents a Shaara-esque Gettysburg with a befuddled Lee and a Longstreet in the right. Her research fails her at one point as she places the Stonewall Brigade in the dark assault on Culp’s Hill and the Second Virginia with the remainder of the brigade.

Cardinal Events of the War

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