The smoking ban The smoking ban was Introduced in Britain on July lth 2007. When it came Into effect it was prohib Ited to smoke cigarettes In most of public places and workplaces In England Ilke bars, pubs, caf©s and In busses and trains. This law has brought a big debate. In this assignment I will Investigate the debate and create a discussion with a part of my own opinions. In text 1, Robin McKie claims how good it is for everyone that the smoking ban is getting intro duced.

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According to science, the ban will make a major difference for the ealth of the British peo ple “Improvements in people’s health will begin to filter through the population almost as soon as England’s smoking ban takes effect today’. Robin McKie also thinks the smoking ban will have a nice effect on the non-smokers which Is getting exposed of the dangerous cigarettesmoke from pubs and small restaurants “Non-smokers who breathe In second-hand smoke currently face Increased risks of about 25 per cent of getting lung cancer or heart disease. These rates should Improve dramati cally once their exposure to the smoke of others Is curtailed”.

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