"The Softer The Ball, The Extraneous"

6 June 2019

“Hey batter, batter swing!” Nessa outran the ball … again. She knew that this time, she had just the right touch. The crowd applauded, as they howled her name. Vanessa as usual, had done a remarkable job.

Vanessa was five years old when she first began her career in softball. Once she was on the team, Vanessa came to the conclusion, that it was a sport that she actually enjoyed playing, and a year later, she made the “All-Star Team”. That season itself inspired her to resume the game of softball, and she improves even more everyday!
“Good players inspire themselves, great players inspire others”~Coach Jimbo. Vanessa knows that practice makes perfect. “ The team that is most prepared, deserves to win.”, Vanessa says. She also stated that everyday is an audition, which is why she tries to be the best she can everyday.

Vanessa’s highest score overall was when she competed against Eisenhower.

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She proudly said, “We shut them down, and I got my first no-hitter this season!” She likes the fact that she gets an opportunity to hit and help her team, and she loves striking people out.

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