The Solar System Essay Sample

1 ) What do we intend by a geocentric existence? Contrast a geocentric position with our modern position of the existence.

Geocentric describes the thought that everything revolved around Earth. compared to modern cognition that everything revolves around the Sun ( our star ) .

2 ) Briefly describe the major degrees of construction ( such as planet. star. galaxy ) in the existence.

Planet: ( a ) Orbits a star. ( B ) big plenty for its ain gravitation to do it round. ( degree Celsius ) has cleared most other objects from its orbital way. Sun: The star of our solar system.
Star: Large. glowing ball of enkindled gas that generates heat and visible radiation through atomic merger in its nucleus. Galaxy: A great island of stars in infinite. incorporating a few hundred million or trillion stars held together by gravitation. revolving a common centre.

3 ) What do we intend when we say that the existence is spread outing? How does enlargement lead to the thought of the Big Bang?

Observations of distant galaxies show that the existence is spread outing by an mean distance addition between galaxies. We are able to follow back at this rate to find what we were all one existence and where the Big Bang might hold started.

4 ) What did Carl Sagan mean when he said that we are “star stuff” ?

Star material refers to the cognition that all the elements in the existence are created from stars. including ourselves. The bigger the star. the heavier the elements.

5 ) How fast does light go? What is a light-year?

Light travels at a velocity of 300. 000 km/sec. From Moon to Earth. it takes about 1 2nd for visible radiation to go. From the Sun to the Earth is takes about 8 proceedingss. On light-year’s travel = 10 trillion kilometers ( 6 trillion stat mis ) .

6 ) Explain the statement: The farther off we look in distance. the farther back we look in clip. Because light takes so long to go these long distances. the visible radiations we are seeing are really millions of old ages old.

7 ) What do we intend by the discernible existence? Is it the same thing as the full existence?

The discernible universe includes everything that we can potentially see. anything less than 14 billion light years from Earth’s place ) . It is non the same thing as the full existence. merely the part that we can see.

8 ) Describe the solar system as it looks on the 1-to-10 billion graduated table used in the text. How far off are the other stars on this same graduated table?

The nearest star system to our ain. Alpha Centauri. is about 4. 4 light-years off. That distance is approximately 4400 kilometer ( 2700 myocardial infarction ) on the 1-to-10 billion graduated table. or approximately tantamount to the distance across the U. S.

9 ) Describe at least one manner to set the graduated table of the Milky Way Galaxy into position and at least one manner to set the size of the discernible existence into position.

If you cut down our solar system by a scale factor of 1 billion. the diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy become 100 metre. ( a football field ) . and our microscopic solar system is located on the 20 pace line. If you stood at our place. 1000000s of star systems would lie within the range of your weaponries.

10 ) Use the cosmic calendar to depict how the human race fits into the graduated table of clip.

The full human civilisation falls into merely the last half minute on the cosmic calendar. where one month is more than 1 billion old ages.

11 ) Define astronomical unit. ecliptic plane. and axis joust. Explain how each is related to Earth’s rotary motion and/or orbit.

Astronomic unit: Earth’s mean orbital distance. equivalent to about 150 million kilometres or 93 million stat mis. Ecliptic plane: Earth’s orbital plane. level way Axis joust: 23 1/2 grades perpendicular to the ecliptic plane. points about precisely to Polaris ( current Northern Star )

12 ) What is the form of the Milky Way Galaxy? Describe our solar system’s location and gesture.

The form of the Milky Way Galaxy is a revolving. pinwheel-like disc. Our solar system is located in a 230-million-year orbit. about 28. 000 light years from the centre of the Galaxy.

13 ) Distinguish between our galaxy’s disc and aura. Where does the cryptic dark affair seem to shack?

Most of the mass of the galaxy lies outside of the seeable disc in what we call the aura. The affair exterior is called dark affair because we have non detected any light coming from it.

14 ) What cardinal observation leads us to reason that the existence is spread outing? Use the raisin bar theoretical account to explicate how these observations imply enlargement.

An spread outing raisin bar shows that if person was populating in one of the raisins inside the bar. they could calculate out that the bar is spread outing by detecting that all the other raisins are traveling off. with more distant raisins traveling off faster. In the same manner. we know that we live in an spread outing existence because all galaxies outside our Local Group are traveling off from us. more distant 1s traveling faster.

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