The Soldier

10 October 2016

‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke is an Italian sonnet that plays with the idea of war being romantic. The whole poem is a metaphor for what he believed the war meant to him. In the first verse, he is saying that if he died in battle, even in some corner of a foreign field, he will forever belong to England. He then uses a series of metaphors to state that England is what raised him, gave him an identity and that his soul will be immortal because he died fighting for his country.

In the second verse, he elaborates on how dying for England was a noble thing, and how his passing will bring good to England and her next generation of soldiers. The last two lines express his happiness that England has given him and how he will forever be at peace because he fought for England. The most important metaphor however, is ‘England’, which he uses to refer to his mother as well. he has given England a double meaning. The poem does not contain any similes or has not used onomatopoeia.

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