The Soliloquy of Shakespeare’s Henry V

4 April 2015
An analytic approach to defining the soliloquy of William Shakespeare’s `Henry V`.

The soliloquy of William Shakespeare’s Henry V, gives an insight into the thoughts of King Henry after he has overheard his troops the night before the epic battle. This paper breaks down his speech and examines how it represents Henry not only as a great leader but also as a human being.
The importance of the soliloquy is that it is a form of dialogue in which a character delivers a brief speech to the audience or into space as a mode of reflective discourse (Martin and Jacobus 229-230). Though many do not immediately think of Henry V as being a production with a soliloquy, as they would Hamlet and other productions, the soliloquy given by King Henry is very moving and expresses his feelings the night before the final battle.

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