The Sound of Perseverance(1998) by Death

Death is one of the most legendary metal bands in the world. As one of the first death metal bands to unfold, the people of Orlando, Florida have had some time for extreme music. Unfortunately, their frontman, Chuck Shuldener(or however you spell it) died in the early 2000s. It’s truly a shame, I would have loved to see this trio in a concert of some sort. Rest in peace, Chuck.
The Sound of Perseverance is the band’s last official studio album. If you were to listen to everyone of their albums in order from their first album to this, you’ll notice less gore and horror, as is typical for death metal, and more philosophy and progressive metal which is some pretty fine evolution if you ask me. This album shows all the progressiveness they’ve got with some tracks spanning seven or eight minutes in length and made way for an interestingly jazzy instrumental in the middle. I’ll just start here by saying, I love this album, I even use it as my picture for YouTube, the album cover of course. Despite it being death metal, Chuck’s vocals are more of a raspy kind of vocal style, and the guitars aren’t turned down to “way too brutal for some ears” level. Instead, it’s more of a thrash metal level of heaviness, not to be confused with melodic death metal’s tuning. Some of the drums have a bit of a complex pattern to it and sometimes, he’s just going for a simple brutality factor, as death metal drums are known for. The lyrics can be easily understood here and can have some very meaningful stuff to them as well, a bit of a farcry from some others of their kind. Chuck’s guitar skills, while not speedy and fast like previous works, is shown off well here and is still showing him as a decent shredder. There’s also a cover of Judas Priests’ Painkiller which sounds really cool and is also proof that Chuck can rival Rob Halford in vocal ranges. The drums here are like the original, fast and hard to follow at times. I don’t have many complaints here, although it seems a bit short to be honest. Bah, who cares. As the legends of death metal that this trio is, I do highly recommend you check them out. Now all I have to do is review Scream Bloody Gore and Symbolic and my quest is complete.
I give this a 10/10. I am the Grim Reaper.

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