The Sound of Revenge

9 September 2019

Chamillionaire’s major album debut “The Sound of Revenge” proves he is one of the South’s hottest new artists. The previous SwishaHouse emcee knows how to step up his game. He is quick-tongued and can nab a hook with perfect timing. He may not be like Slim Thug or Mike Jones but he knows how to spit a verse and can polish it off tastefully, like in “Rain.”

Cham knows how to write raps that will keep running through your head. Just listen to “Southern Takeover” or “Frontin’,” one of my favorites, or when he tears the track up with Layzie Bone in “Ridin’.”

Despite those songs, this album isn’t quite on the level of some of his independent work. Cham isn’t making music on his own anymore and relies too much on his guests. Regardless, with his smoking beats and clever tongue, Chamillionaire’s album brings his Southern game to the multitudes.

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