The Spanish Conquest and the Aztec Culture

4 April 2015
A descriptive essay showing through fictitious newspaper articles and other media sources the Spanish conquest on Mexico and the character of the local Aztecs.

The author of this paper uses an original style to produce this essay which brings across the story of Spaniard Hernan Cortez’s conquest of Mexico and the local Aztecs with which he fought. By conducting an ‘interview’ with the Chronicler Juan de Pomar and Hernan Cortez and writing an article about Cortez’s success in the Mexican conquest, the paper gives an overall picture of the events of the 1519 era and the culture of the Aztec people.
“Montecuhzoma allowed Cortez and his men into Tenochtitlan, which was not his normal policy of caution. Great diplomatic overtures were made on both sides, and at first the two warring parties almost seemed as though they might find peace.
Unfortunately that was not to be. The Spaniards were coarse, ignorant of local customs, and rude. They cared little for protocols and pleasantries. In the end, this disregard for the Aztec culture may have been what created their successful attacks and eventual takeover of Tenochtitlan- while the Aztecs were sacrificing warriors to their gods during battle, the Spaniards were killing them off in large numbers.”
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