The Speech of Polly Baker Response

Franklin using the voice of a woman strengthens his argument and enhances the story. Poly Baker Introduces herself as a, “poor unhappy Woman” (6). Automatically, readers form sympathy for Baker. Franklin paints her as a tired and hard working woman, who Is a provider for her children. Baker explains how she has cared for her children well, despite of not having a husband’s help. She could have had raised her children better if it “had not been for the heavy Charges and Fines she have paid” (6).

Because Baker has experienced the harsh punishments women had to endure for avian a bastard child, readers form an emotional bond toward her although she is a fictional character. If Franklin was to just have written a piece from his point of view on this subject it wouldn’t of had as much influence. Baker describes how the consequences of having an illegitimate child have caused abortions and mothers have, “their own trembling Hands in the Blood of their helpless Offspring” (7). It is a different pain for a mother to experience the death of their child.Baker speaking on this empathetic how harsh the punishments are that a other rather have their child to die. Franklin using Baker to express his thoughts was a smart way of connecting to readers’ emotions. In The Speech of Poly Baker, Benjamin Franklin creates Poly Baker, a character that everyone can respect.

Franklin expressing himself through Baker makes the story more interesting and empowering. Baker having five illegitimate children and raised them without any help is tiring Baker was punished for birthing them, but she should have been honored because being a mother is a tough Job.

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