The Speeches of Antony and Brutus

4 April 2015
Examines the differences in Antony and Brutus’ speech styles and effectiveness in Julius Caesar.

This is a paper comparing and contrasting the two major speeches of Marcus Brutus and Antony in William Shakespeare?s Julius Caesar. The author makes several interesting points and discusses how Antony ?s method of toying with the audience?s emotions prevailed over Brutus? attempt to use the audience?s pride and patriotism.
Great speakers are remembered throughout history for making speeches that touch the audience, or get the audience to believe something that before seemed like nonsense. People like Martin Luther King Junior and Abraham Lincoln changed history, and are remembered to this day for their historic speeches. In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, two such speeches were made. In the play, both Marcus Brutus and Antony made speeches that moved the crowd, but they used different techniques to accomplish their goals. Brutus? and Antony ‘s speeches differed vastly in their emphasis, content, and writing style.
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