The Spiritual Experiment

12 December 2018

I am choosing to write about the video that was on display at the local art museum.That piece of art really opened up my mind.I think I watched it at least twelve times, and each time I came up with a different meaning to the video.

The first time I saw this video I thought it was as creepy as waking up to seeing an intruder in the middle of the night. There was creepy music playing throughout the whole clip that sounded like music from a horror movie.The video starts out with a little girl just playing with blocks, and within a matter of fifteen seconds her face starts changing into a sight that cannot be unseen. This scene sent chills running up my spine, for it seems demonic.

This video may very well likely have a greater impact on me than it would on most people.

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I have endured a traumatic experience with what appeared to be a ghost when I was approximately thirteen years of age.I can envision this experience as if it had occurred yesterday.I had taken a couple melatonin pills due to the fact that I wasn’t tired at all, and that knocked me out pretty rapidly.The next thing I remember is waking up at 2:30 in the morning, only to see a faint figure of a small girl standing in my doorway.I instantly closed my eyes for a few seconds, hoping that I was just seeing things due to the possible side effects of the melatonin I had taken.I reopened my eyes to see that the figure hadn’t moved. I was petrified, and couldn’t move strictly out of fright.As I was still looking at the small girl in my doorway, it had quickly vanished from reality.The little girl that I may have seen that night looked frighteningly similar to the girl in the video.

Next, I see a little girl who is split in half vertically and reflected.Each side of her body is copying the exact same movements as the opposite side.Next, this girl picks up the blocks, raises her arms, and drops the blocks, which came tumbling down like dice.I interpreted this as whatever spiritual procedure that was about to go down, was going to be a gamble.

Once the film moves on from the little girl, it then changes to two girls who appear to be twins.These two girls are identical.They seem to share the same emotion and they have very similar facial expressions.Next, the girls sit down and are given blocks to play with.I think the blocks are some sort of intelligence test, for they are doing an experiment on these girls.The twins seemed to be getting tested like rats in a lab.I personally feel building blocks test creativity rather than knowledge.By judging the manor of which the twins were stacking the blocks, they seemed as lifeless as a fish out of water.That makes me feel some sympathy for the girls, because it is very likely that they did not volunteer for this experiment.

In the next part of the video there is a woman showing the palms of her hands.She then rolls up her sleeves and shows the camera her palms again.This part stumped me.I feel that this is a sign someone may use to show that they mean no harm. In this case, it may mean that the spiritual experiment is harmless.It makes me wonder if the ghost that I had witnessed also meant no harm, considering all she did was stand in my doorway and quickly vanish once she saw I was frightened.Shortly after the rolling of the sleeves, there is a vertical slide show of a pair of hands. The first formation of hands appeared to look like a brain that is ready for dissection.This makes sense to me because they are going to have to alter the girls’ brains in the experiment.The next formation of hands looked like a pair of legs that are open.I think that was symbolizing the giving of birth to a new area in science.

This video had a lot of meaning to it.Other people may have interpreted it differently than I did.Some people may say the video had no meaning at all. As Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

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