The Standards

8 August 2019

Recently I saw a little-known band called The Standardsat the University of Idaho. They’re an a cappella group of brothers: Jordon,Morgan, Nicholas, Nathan and Quinn. They perform well together, singing classicslike “Sixteen Candles” and “Lean On Me,” plus original songs,like “My Song” and “Dance of the Mamba,” a fast-movingpseudo-tribal song that involves black lights and face paint. Afterthe show, the guys were more than happy to sign autographs, pose for pictures andlisten to tons of girls say they wanted to marry them, all with a smile and agood attitude. The Standards have been touring Northwest and Southwestschools, singing and talking about drug and alcohol abuse. The guys are going tobe touring even more now that their fourth album, “No Quiet Corners”has been released. Everyone can enjoy this music, it’s not only for jazzand R&B fans. I’m into metal and punk! The Standards are for every musicaltaste. Their show schedule can be found at their website:

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