The Status of Racism in America

4 April 2015
The economic and social segregation of blacks from the era of slavery through the present day.

This paper presents a review of racism from the time of slavery through the present. Overt racism, institutionalized racism, and legal racism are discussed and the current status of each evaluated.
“Over the last century, the rights of minorities in American life have been given greater and greater protections after a period of imposed limitations. The Hispanic population in the Southwest and the Puerto Rican population in areas of the Northeast are also minority groups that do not share fully in the economic promise of American society and that have been discriminated against and made into a near-permanent underclass. Throughout American history, there have been minorities that have immigrated to the United States and that have encountered prejudice and discrimination once they arrived, including the Jews, the Irish, and various Asian groups. One element distinguishes between these groups on the one hand and black Americans on the other, and that element is slavery.”

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