The Stranger” by Albert Camus Essay Sample

In the philosophical novel “The Stranger” . written by Albert Camus. the narrative ended with Meursault’s last ideas. He thinks. “For everything to be consummated. for me to experience less entirely. I had merely wish that there be a big crowd of witnesss the twenty-four hours of my executing and that they greet me with calls of hate” ( Camus 123 ) . The inquiry is: Why does Meursault trust for this? Why does Camus stop the novel at this point? And who is the “Stranger” and why?

“The Stranger” ends with Meursault’s doubtless refusal to abdicate his actions. He continues to non demo any guilt or compunction for killing the Arab or for demoing understanding over his mother’s decease. Refering to his mother’s decease and how she chose to take in a fiance tardily in her life. he says. “So close to decease. Maman must hold felt free so and ready to populate it all once more. Cipher. cipher had the right to shout over her. And I felt ready to populate it all once more too” ( Camus 122 ) . This fundamentally means that no 1 had the right to shout over his mother’s decease because she was ready to populate her life all over once more. He has ever lived out of touch with everything. and in decease. he wouldn’t have to conform to criterions to be accepted by the universe he disagrees wholly with. His last ideas could be his look of the freedom he found in decease.

Another manner to look at it is that. throughout the book. Meursault would show his hate for humanity’s civilization of bereavement and think of it as loony. He is inauspicious towards people who torture themselves over person else’s decease. He becomes angry at the people in the nursing place where his female parent stayed for experiencing such irrational guilt. His mother’s supposed lover at the clip of her decease. Thomas. followed the hearse about until he fainted. He is angry at the civilization of decease: the decease punishment. the funerals. the churches. the judicial systems and any other establishment that makes their living off of decease. He wants us to be angry at his decease and non at him for killing the Arab. He merely hopes for the angry rabble to “greet” him with calls of “hate” . His want was to be executed as a hero.

Meursault’s averment to the thought that the existence is apathetic to human personal businesss and that life has no significance illustrates Camus’s existential philosopher doctrine. In my sentiment. he ends the book that manner to demo Meursault’s credence of his world and him coming to the concluding realisation of the significance of life. The intending itself is left to the apprehension and analysis of the reader. As for the “Stranger” . I believe the alien is Meursault himself. The narrative focuses on him being remote when it comes to being apathetic to everyone else.

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