The Stranger Essay Research Paper January 11

The Stranger Essay, Research Paper

January 11, 1979-k In the Stranger, Albert Camus portrays Mersault, the books character, asaloof, detached, and unemotional. Hedoes non believe much about events or their effects, nordoes he express much feeling in relationships or during emotional times. He displays animpassiveness throught the book in his reactions to the people and events described in the book.After his female parents & # 8217 ; decease he sheds no cryings ; seems to demo no emotions. He displays limited feelingsfor his girlfriend, marie cardona, and shows no compunction at all for killing an Arab. His reactions to lifeand to people distance him from his emotions, positive or negative, and from intimate relationshipswith others, therefore he is called thge books & # 8217 ; rubric, & # 8220 ; The Stranger & # 8221 ; . While this behaviour can be seen as anegative trait, there is a immature adult female who seems to desire to hold a relationship with Mersault anda neighbour who wants friendly relationship. He seems content to be apathetic, perchance protected from painby his indifference. Mersault seldom shows any feeling when in state of affairss which would, for mostpeople, elicit strong emotions. throughout the vigil, watching over his female parent & # 8217 ; s dead organic structure, and ather funeral, henever calls. He is, farther, depicted basking a cup of java with milk during the vigil, and holding a fume with a caretaker at the nursing place in which his female parent died. The followingday, after his female parent & # 8217 ; s funeral, he goes to the beach and meets a former co-worker named MarieCardona. They swim, go to a film, and so spent the dark together, Subsequently in their relationship, Marie asks Mersault if he wants to get married her. He responds that it doesn & # 8217 ; t affair to him, and if shewants to acquire married, he would hold. She so asks him if he loves her. To that inquiry heresponds that he likely doesn & # 8217 ; t, and explains that matrimony truly isn & # 8217 ; Ts such a serious thing anddoesn & # 8217 ; t necessitate love. This reaction is reasonably typical of Me

rsault as portrayed in the book. He appears

to be insouciant and apathetic about life events. Nothing seems to be really important to him. Subsequently onin the book, after hour angle kills the Arab, non one time does he demo ant compunction or guilt for what he did. Didhe truly experience nil? Camus seems to bespeak that Mersault is about unmindful and totallyunruffled and untoched by events and people arond him. He is unwilling to lie, during his test, aboutkilling the Arab. his reluctance to acquire involved in supporting himself consequences in a finding of fact of decease byguillotine. Had Mersault & # 8217 ; s been engaged in his defence, explicating his actions, he might hold beenset free. Mersault & # 8217 ; s unresponsive behaviour, distant from any evident emotions, is probablyreinforced by the desperation which he sees unfastened and feeling persons experience. He observes, foeexample, Raymond cheated on and hurt by a girlfriend, and sees his other neighbour, Salamono, really depressed when he loses a beloved comrade, his Canis familiaris. Mersault & # 8217 ; s responses are really differenthe doesn & # 8217 ; t acquire depressed at decease nor does he acquire emotionally involved. Heappears to be totallyapathetic. therefore, he seems to fel no hurting and is protected from life & # 8217 ; s dissapointment. Sometimes aperson like Mersault can be appealing to others beause he is so non-judgemental and noncritical, likely a consequence of indifference instead than symoathetic feelings.His limited involvment might attractsome people because an terminal consequence of his distance is kind of credence of others, therefore he is non athreat to their self-importances. Raymond Sintes, a neighbour who is a procurer, seems to experience comfy withMersault. Sintes does non hold to warrant himself because Mersault does non notice on how Sintesmakes money or how he chooses to populate his life. Even though Mersault shows no strong emotion ordeep fondness, Marie, his girlfriend, is still attracted and intersented in him. She is cognizant of, possiblyeven fascinated by, his indifference.

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