The Stranger Essay Research Paper The Stranger

7 July 2017

The Stranger Essay, Research Paper

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The Stranger Essay Research Paper The Stranger
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The Stranger by Albert Camus is a narrative of a sequence of events in one adult male & # 8217 ; s life that cause him to oppugn the nature of the existence and his place in it. The book is written in two parts and each portion seems to reflect in big degree the actions happening in the other. There are funny analogues throughout the two parts that seem to bespeak the emotional province of Meursault, the supporter, and his position of the universe. Meursault is a reasonably mean person who is typical more in his apathy and inactive pessimism than in anything else. He seldom talks because he by and large has nil to state, and he does what is requested of him because he feels that defying bids is more of a bother than it is deserving. Meursault ne’er did anything noteworthy or typical in his life: a fact which makes the events of the book all the more challenging. Part I of The Stranger begins with Meursault & # 8217 ; s attending at his female parent & # 8217 ; s funeral. It ends with Meursault on the beach at Algiers killing a adult male. Part II is concerned with Meursault & # 8217 ; s test for that same slaying, his ultimate sentencing to decease and the mental torment that he experiences as a consequence of this sentence. Several funny analogues emerge here, particularly with respect to Meursault & # 8217 ; s perceptual experience of the universe. In Part I, Meursault is passing the dark next to his female parent & # 8217 ; s casket at a kind of pre-funeral vigil. With him are several old people who were friends of his female parent at the place in which she had been populating at the clip of her decease. Meursault has the unusual feeling that he can see all of their faces truly clearly, that he can detect every item of their vesture and that they will be indelibly imprinted on his head. He besides gets the unusual feeling that they are all watching him or sitting in judgement over him and that they hold him responsible for his female parent & # 8217 ; s decease. This peculiar scene is echoed in Part II, at Meursault & # 8217 ; s ain test, where he has the once more unsettling feeling that he is being judged & # 8211 ; merely this clip it is for something he really did, and it & # 8217 ; s functionary. He has the eldritch feeling, once more, that he will retrieve the faces of the jurymans everlastingly because he can see them with a kind of heightened vision ; he observes every item of their vesture and can see every small blemish and characteristic on their organic structures. Another funny analogue emerges with respect to the conditions in The Stranger. On the twenty-four hours of his female parent & # 8217 ; s funeral, Meursault is experiencing really tired because he stayed wake up the full old dark, and that fatigue combined with the agonizingly hot conditions makes Meursault

feel truly giddy and non rather certain of what he is making. The same thing happens at the clip when Meursault commits the slaying ; he is hot and giddy, the Sun is blinding him, and he loses all sense of world. He tries to explicate this to the tribunal to support himself: at his ain test, but once more he is giddy from the heat and his address comes out as bunk. Events seem to be cabaling to forestall Meursault from salvaging himself.

These parallel events in The Stranger ( and there are many more ) stress Meursault & # 8217 ; s emotions and position of the universe. Each peculiar point is a turning point for him. At the vigil, the old people sitting with Meursault are faulting him for his female parent & # 8217 ; s decease, although he had nil to make with it. At the test, Meursault is being blamed for killing an Arab & # 8211 ; an action which Meursault really performed although he doesn & # 8217 ; t experience guilty because he didn & # 8217 ; t mean to make it ; it was merely an accident. In neither instance does Meursault support himself. He doesn & # 8217 ; t apologise to the grievers at the vigil ( even though he feels somewhat guilty ) because his female parent & # 8217 ; s decease wasn & # 8217 ; t his mistake at all. And he doesn & # 8217 ; t support himself at the test until much subsequently, because at the clip he considers himself guiltless and he doesn & # 8217 ; t see why he should trouble oneself to apologise ; With respect to Meursault & # 8217 ; s repeating giddiness from the heat, at each case that this occurs he loses a small of the hope for his acquittal at the test. He tries to state the tribunal that his behaviour at the funeral and his inadvertent slaying of the Arab were due to his feelings of giddiness, but he can non explicate this to the tribunal because he is excessively giddy to talk decently. And each clip, he gets a flashing glance of the ageless truth of the existence: that what a adult male has or has non done makes no indispensable difference at the terminal. The nurse at the funeral Tells him, & # 8220 ; if you walk excessively easy, you & # 8217 ; ll acquire heat exhaustion, but if you walk excessively fast, so the cool air in church will give you a iciness. As he kills the Arab, he thinks, & # 8220 ; Whether I fire or don & # 8217 ; t fire is irrelevant ; the stoping will be the same. And at the test, Meursault tells the prosecuting officer, & # 8220 ; I have lived my life therefore and did x, but if I had done Y or omega alternatively, it wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have mattered. And, finally, Meursault turns out to be right ; he discovers that when decease attacks, all work forces are equal, no affair what their ages or old lives. Meursault views decease as an flight: you can & # 8217 ; t flight from it, but you can get away into it, and he prepares himself to make so, spot by spot. Each parellel incident is merely one more twist unit of ammunition of the rope that will adhere him wholly.

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