The Strengh and Weakness Barack Obama

He is a very smart man who knows what he’s doing for someone who’s very limited in experience (we’ll get back to that). He takes his time hen making a decision and knows how to make one without having to question himself about it. 3. The way he wants to change certain things in America. He knows what Americans want help with and is willing to help them.

He is very focused on cleaning up America and America’s image and is ready to begin doing that now. 4.He is a very strong man and I believe would be an even better leader as the president. He knows what needs to be done and how it needs to be done and Is preparing to do it if he Is elected president of the United States. His weakness are : 1 . His lack of experience. Most people would say that McCain has way more experience than Obama.

Which is true. But at the same time Barack Obama knows Just as much about America as John McCain does and makes better decisions at mostly everything! His race. We all know that there has never been a black president. And so does Barack Obama. Alt will be hard for him to become the first black president since others have tried before him and failed. Halls race also makes him a Likelier candidate for being assassinated. 3.

Halls middle name. Barack Hussein Obama.

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