The Strokes – Is This It

12 December 2019

The Strokes, a scruffy quintet ofManhattan rockers between the ages of 21 and 23, released its most recent andexceptional album last October. The five are childhood friends who have succeededin creating great rock and roll music.

With four of the members attendinga prestigious private school in New York City, it is obvious that their educationhas paid off not only because of the great lyrics of

The Strokes – Is This It Essay Example

“Is ThisIt,” but also because of the entire album’s ingenious composition. TheStrokes have

succeeded in bringing back a style of music heard 30 yearsago – punk rock. This album has been a complete sensation and opened eyes to aworld of quality rock and roll.

The title track contains a brilliant,constant upbeat drum background rhythm by Fabrizio Moretti. This first song isnot the only one with a great rhythm and percussion accompaniment; the entirealbum contains brilliant beats. Along with the percussion, Julian Casablancasadds to the excellence – his somewhat scratchy voice definitely helps emphasizethe band’s genre of rock and roll. Nick Valensi’s and Albert Hammond, Jr.’sintense guitar abilities, Nikolai Fraiture’s talent on the bass, FabrizioMoretti’s knack with the drums and, of course, Casablancas’ vocal skills make theentire album an outstanding work of music. This type of ?s-style garage rocktruly brings to life the meaning of rock and roll.

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