The Strong Foundation

11 November 2018

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The Strong Foundation
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I remember thinking why was this happening to me my solid foundation was getting cracks. Over hearing the whispers around me as everything slowly changes. My house was getting split into two, and I had to grow up faster than expected. When my parents decided to split up, I became confused and lost. Nothing seemed wrong. They were the couple I wanted to grow up and become

Things changed quickly, and I had to start middle school I a strange town with new people. The first day of middle school the switch from recess to study hall. We all go from looking up to the older kids and wanting to act just like them to actually walking in their footsteps. I had always planned everything out, I had m entire future planned before my world got turned upside down. I walked in the doors of Acton Middle School lost and terrified. The time had come to turn my scared and weary eyes into a friendly kind smile. I went through my day finding a group that needed another awkward metal mouth teenager in their clique.

My grandparents had never been that close to us since we lived so far, but I would have to say there would be no way I could of never gotten through my seventh grade year without the strong and motivating words of my grandmother. “God gives the toughest obstacles only to the ones who truly can handle it.” Those words still push me today to use my strengths a strong personality, a friendly smile, and a caring heart. My solid foundation might have had a few cracks, but with family close by, the cracks could be mended.

Growing up with a future that had been planned since birth, and their completely getting turned around will change someone. I truly believe that the people around me did not change me, but having to grow up faster than expected, and I had to learn how to deal with the real world around me. My world getting turned upside down changed me into the person I am today. I am stronger and wiser from the mentors and role models I have met from moving. Since my strong foundation hit an obstacle which forced me to grow up faster and learn what my true strengths in life are.

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