The Struggle For Independence In A New

7 July 2017

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The Struggle For Independence In A New Essay Example

The Struggle for Independence in a New World

In Anzia Yezierska & # 8217 ; s fresh Bread Givers, we learn about a battle between Sara Smolinsky and her male parent. Her male parent, an Orthodox rabbi, is stuck in the traditions of the old universe and will non digest Sara & # 8217 ; s hankering for independency. This fresh takes topographic point in New York & # 8217 ; s Lower East Side, where the population chiefly consists of Judaic immigrants who have come to America in hopes of populating a better life than they lived in the shtetls. In America, for the household & # 8217 ; s who still lived by the traditions of the old universe, life for the adult females was no different that life in the shtetls.

Sara and her household had immigrated to America from a small town in Poland. Harmonizing to their Judaic traditions, the lone function a adult female had in her life was to take attention of the household, and do life easier for their hubbies. This thought becomes really clear right at the start of the novel. We learn that two of Sara & # 8217 ; s sisters, Bessie and Masha, are coming home after being out looking for work so they could gain rewards for the household. The girls of Reb Smolinsky were expected to be the pay earners. Womans in Reb Smolinsky & # 8217 ; s family are expected to make all of the work required for maintaining the household alive. Reb does nil to gain money or do life better for his household. He is a spiritual bookman who has devoted his whole life to the survey of the Torah, and his household & # 8217 ; s occupation was to do him comfy. All of the loads were placed on Reb & # 8217 ; s household ; he carried none of them. Reb was a & # 8220 ; dictator & # 8221 ; in the family. When Sara & # 8217 ; s sister Bessie brought place a adult male for the household to run into, Reb kicked him out of the house. He said that this adult male was non good plenty for his load carrier. He appears to be really loath to give up Bessie, since she brings all of her rewards place to him, and is a faithful retainer. At this point we can see the hurting Sara is in. She had no freedom and no pick in her life. Her lone pick was to function her male parent until she was married, and so go on her life functioning her hubby. But she wanted more. This was America, where adult females were allowed to take how they wanted to populate, and were allowed to get married for love, non merely get married who their male parent told them they must get married.

Sara & # 8217 ; s inner struggle continued in seeking to understand why her male parent was so rough on her sisters. Sara & # 8217 ; s father successfully married off all of her sisters, but non to work forces whom they loved. All of the work forces her sisters brought place who they were in love with were rapidly turned away by their male parent. Reb wanted a affluent hubby for his girls, so that his girls would go on to back up him and convey rewards to the household. Sara did non like the manner her sister & # 8217 ; s lives were dictated and controlled. She thought that they should be able to take whom they wanted to get married, and non be forced to get married whom their male parent chose for them. Sara was disappointed to see her sisters give in to their male parent & # 8217 ; s abrasiveness, but they were stuck in believing what their male parent preached to them, that & # 8220 ; It says in the Torah, merely through a adult male can a adult female enter Heaven. & # 8221 ;

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Sara could no longer stand the rough intervention from her male parent. She had to hold something in her life to look frontward to, non a life long sentence of service to her male parent and her future hubby. She wanted freedom. She wanted independency. She did non desire to populate the remainder of her life in a room with a soil floor and no privateness. After a het statement with her male parent, Sara left her female parent and male parent to get down a life on her ain. She began her battle for independency. She wanted to go a school teacher. In her first twenty-four hours off from place, when she stopped to eat a repast, she made the remark & # 8220 ; This was the first clip I ate by myself, with silence and hush for my company. & # 8221 ; From this statement we know how life was for her up until now. Her whole household lived in one room, crowded with no privateness, but Sara was determined to alter all of that. She attended dark school and worked as an ironer at a wash store. She went through many difficult times, fighting to seek to acquire her instruction and go through the test to acquire into college. After go throughing the test to acquire into college, Sara moved to an flat with a door while she attended college. This was a great accomplishment for her. She eventually had a topographic point of her ain, with a door and a window. At this point Sara becomes cognizant of her freedom and the accomplishments she has accomplished. She thinks back on her yearss selling herring on the streets to seek to convey place money for her household and realizes the achievements she was made to carry through her dream.

Sara eventually reaches her end of graduating college and going a instructor. At her college graduation, she is awarded one thousand dollars for winning an essay competition by composing an essay titled & # 8220 ; What College has done for Me & # 8221 ; . Equally shortly as she graduated, she bought a new outfit to have on when she was learning. When she bought that outfit, for the first clip in her life she felt successful and affluent. She got a occupation at a school non far from where her household used to populate, and she couldn & # 8217 ; t assist but believe of her household and how they were making. She went to see her deceasing female parent, who was so aroused that she lived to see the twenty-four hours that her really ain girl had graduated college and go a school teacher.

Sara & # 8217 ; s male parent was non rather as happy to see her. He had disowned his girl for go forthing the household and non back uping him. After the decease of Sara & # 8217 ; s female parent, Reb even wrote a missive to the principal of Sara & # 8217 ; s school connoting that the school should direct portion of Sara & # 8217 ; s rewards to him because she abandoned her male parent.

Sara ne’er did acquire out of her duty to function and take attention of her male parent. The novel ended with Sara offering to allow her beget come and unrecorded with her so she could take attention of him. This fresh truly illustrates the battles immigrants who came to this state had to cover with. Like Sara, many other adult females wanted their lives to hold more significance that they were accustomed to. Coming to America gave money of them the chance to accomplish their independency, merely as Sara did in Bread Givers.


Anzia Yezierska, Bread Givers ( New York:

Persea Books, 1999 )

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