The Struggles to Freedom

1 January 2018

The English colonies had many difficulties with their government along with Egypt today. The English fought and fought for several years to get their freedoms that we have today, but Egypt has been fighting for quite a while now. The English colonies and Egypt differ In a couple ways, but they are mostly salary because they both are trying (did) to overthrow their government to get the freedom of speech, religion, and press along with their individual rights and pursue their independence.About a year ago, millions persuaded Egypt military to overthrow President Mohamed Morris, but there were still supporters of Morris. But then again there were several that wanted him removed. This is like the English colonists, mostly the poor, wanted King George Ill out of power.

The main reason why Egypt wants their leader out of power is because the government is abusing their individuals rights, crushing their freedoms, and Jailing and killing the political opponents. Along with the poor of the English colonies, they wanted their human rights and equality.This is Just one example of an event on how they have similarities within the struggles with the government. Besides the English colonies and Egypt being similar, there are some differences. The English colonies had a monarch, while Egypt had a dictator. A dictator Is a ruler with total power of a country. A monarchy Is a form of government with a sovereign at the head of state like a king.

The Struggles to Freedom Essay Example

But a monarchy can a government with a form of dictatorship. Also, Egypt isn’t really clear with what sides their people are on.After the French and Indian War ended in 1763, Americans divided sides in heir feelings toward Great Britain. They divided into two completely different sides by calling themselves the patriots and loyalists. Patriots such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, wanted to break away from Great Britain, supported a revolution and form their own country. On the other hand, loyalist such as, John Burgeoned and Joseph Brand, supported Great Britain and wanted to stay loyal to King George Ill. Egypt can learn a lesson or two from the English colonies by studying the successes and failures.

The poor weren’t getting what they wanted, so they had to figure a way to how they were going to fight against the government to get their equal rights. For example, one colonist approached, to rebel against Governor Berkeley. His name was Nathaniel Bacon, he created the first rebellion in America, The Bacon’s Rebellion. Bacon wasn’t getting his rights and the protection he wanted, even after asking the Governor, so the result of this was to rebel against him and he also brought his frontier neighbors along with him. Which currently, the Egyptian military s opposing Morris supporters.Also, a guy named John Peter Zinger, a representative of the poor, who was charged with libel, decided to start a trail called the Zinger Trail; it was a foundation of freedom of press. While Great Britain started making the colonist pay for the cost of war and protection.

The Proclamation of 1763 didn’t allowing Americans to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains so the Brothels wouldn’t have to provide protection. Two events that happened after was The Stamp Act which Britain started putting direct tax on paper products and The Sugar Act rate documents, Thomas Paine Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence.All this events and documents that occurred, started the road to a revolution. The English colonies Just wanted their human equal rights, like the rich of the colonies. Egypt simply wants the same thing, getting their individual rights and freedoms along with their independence. Both, wanted to overthrow their leaders to get freedoms, which the English colonies eventually got, which we still have today. Egypt needs to figure out the sides of their peoples to fight their way to what they want most, Freedom.

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