The Study of Divorce, Abuse and Bipolar Disorder

A research paper examining psychosocial and environmental factors of Bipolar Disorder, focusing on the consequences of divorce and sexual abuse on 17 year old adolescents.

The following paper does not focus on cause and effect factors of bipolar disorder, it simply explores the prevalence of specific environmental or psychosocial variables concerning bipolar diagnosed children and adolescents. The specific variables that are focused upon and extracted from a mental health database are the occurrences of parental divorce and physical/sexual abuse in the history of the bipolar diagnosed child or adolescent. These three variables are examined by the frequency in which they have been documented in the mental health computer records of individuals that are chosen to be used in the study. The following research is not generalizable to a larger population because it simply analyzes content of a census study within a small, specific population at one particular mental health center
“In terms of broader implications to this research, interest could be sparked for more research in the areas of divorce, physical, and sexual abuse that may be more generalizable to the child and adolescent bipolar population in America. These finding can only be generalized to the specific population utilized in this particular study, which is a limitation of the study. Other limitations are also involved with this study. As stated earlier, the data collected in this study was from initial intake sessions with clients. Clients may be reluctant to admit abuse in an initial session, while the therapist may be reluctant to ask the client these personal questions or simply forget to ask these questions.”
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