The Substance of Aristotle’s Metaphysics

A look at the theories of Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

A look at the life and work of Aristotle. The author analyzes Aristotle’s major philosophies about the human species and metaphysics and describes the major contributions Aristotle’s philosophical ideas made for Greek philosophy.
For Aristotle, the Form of the Good is so mysterious, and can be known by so few people that it is not much good to anyone. Aristotle advocated the alternative path, beginning with what is most immediately known about the thing in question and forming clearer and clearer ideas about it. Aristotle’s Metaphysics is a study of what he calls substance and what he says are the principles and causes of substance which is itself the principle and cause of the substance of each particular thing. In Aristotle’s Book VII of his Metaphysics he maintains that the substance of a thing is determined by discovering the last differentia, of a species.
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