The Summary of “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Trifles by Susan Glaspell is a drama written in the early 19 100s. What happens is a husbandman by the name John Wright is murdered and the perpetrator is thought to be Minnie Wright. John’s married woman. This drama takes topographic point in the kitchen of John Wright’s abandoned farmhouse. This instance is investigated by three work forces: the sheriff of the town Henry Peters. the county lawyer George Henderson. and a adjacent husbandman Lewis Hale. The married womans of Mr. Hale and Mr. Peters go along with the work forces to the offense scene. The Men take a more traditional path to work outing the slaying by looking for grounds throughout the house. while the adult females stay in the kitchen and pull their decisions from “the mundane inside informations of a farm women’s kitchen” ( 915 prologue ) .

Even though the work forces take the more logical path in work outing offenses.

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it is the adult females who uncover what happened by looking at the bad lucks in the kitchen. Some of the bad lucks are the destroyed fruit conserves. the unfinished comforter. and the empty bird coop. The bird coop is a important piece of grounds in the drama because of the status it was left in. The door flexible joint was broken. and the bird was nowhere to be found. Finally. the adult females find the bird in a box in Mrs. Wright’s run uping basket ( 1. 1. 110-115 ) . The status in which the bird was left was similar to how John Wright died. John was hung by his married woman. while the bird died from acquiring its cervix wrung by Mr. Wright ( 1. 1. 115 ) . This was the chief factor in finding that Mrs. Wright killed her hubby. Even though this piece of grounds was important in the instance. Mrs. Hale did non give it to the work forces. but hid it from them so that Minnie could populate her old life once more. Trifles is an illustration of a Modern Realistic Drama and a Problem drama. A Modern Realistic Drama is a type of Drama that wants to paint the image of how life is experienced by the common adult male and adult female. These types of dramas do non hold mystical animals in them. nor do they hold to cover with abstract constructs such as the secret plan of Oedipus Rex. Modern Realistic Dramas have characters that the mean individual can associate to.

Besides. this type of play has linguistic communication that modern English speech production people use often and understand easy. Trifles does non utilize Shakespearian English. but it uses normal English. For illustration in line 3 of Trifles. the Sheriff says “Now. Mr. Hale. before we move things about. you explain to Mr. Henderson merely what you saw when you came here yesterday forenoon. ” ( 1. 1. 3-4 ) . Trifles shows the features of a Modern Realistic Drama by the usage of its common linguistic communication. relatable secret plan. and characters that would be seen in existent life. but it besides has a dramatic side to it. The manner the Trifles is considered a play is because of the secret plan in the drama. The secret plan of Trifles is that there is a group of people who are look intoing a slaying. This secret plan makes Trifles a job drama.

A job drama is a drama that has a major personal. societal. or political job that causes the play’s dramatic constructs. In Trifles. the job that the people face is a slaying of a adult male by his married woman. This slaying can be seen as either unethical or ethical. The work forces in the drama see the slaying as unethical because they do non look at the background in which Mrs. Wright was populating in. instead they merely looked at the present and saw her as a liquidator. The adult females of the drama see the slaying as ethical to some grade because of the manner that Mr. Wright changed Minnie’s position of the universe. Before Minnie married John Wright. she was ebullient and lovely all the clip. The minute she married John. her temper changed from being a carefree gal to being a down homemaker. The adult females thought that because John put Minnie through all that wretchedness for most of her life. that the slaying was non every bit unethical as it may look.


Glaspell. Susan. Trifles. Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. Ed. Edgar V. Roberts and Robert Zweig. 5th compact erectile dysfunction. New York: Pearson Longman. 2012. 915-926. Print.

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