The Sung Dynasty’s Rise and Fall

4 April 2015
An analysis of the Sung era in China and those who experienced it.

This paper discusses the Sung Dynasty and a famous poem that attacks the people of the era for hiding their head in the sand and pretending that everything was okay. The writer of this paper uses two sources to develop the argument that the false happiness of that era was a display of weakness in the people.
As we go through history we can document various attitudes that have been felt by people who lived in that history. China’s history is long and colorful with many changes over the years, and each change brought with it attitudes and opinions of the people who lived it. The Sung Dynasty in China is one of the most discussed eras for several reasons. It affected both the north and the south enough that it was divided into two separate eras. In addition there was a forced cheerfulness that was not felt by many but displayed by all. A famous poem that was written on a wall in China is now reproduced in many Chinese history textbooks. The poem serves not only as a reminder of what happened during the dynasty and how people felt about it but also to remind the people never to fake happiness again or they may find themselves taken over by a government or dynasty that does not please them.

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