The Sword in the Stone: Literary Analysis

6 June 2017

Pulling the sword from the anvil on a stone would revolutionize his life forever. Curiosity can either be a good or a bad thing, depending on how far you go, the quote “curiosity kills the cat” was challenged by Wart thought the book. First the Wart had a desire to become a perch in the castles moat, so Merlyn the magician who is also Wart and Kay tutor transformed Wart in a perch. Moments later the wart curiosity became a reality, and he was being morphed in an undersized perch “l think I should Ilke to be a perch,” he said. They are braver than the silly roach and not quite s slaughterous as the pike are. ” said the Wart. As a fish the Wart learned how to swim and protect himself from predators. Secondly wart wanted to become a hawk, so once again Merlyn altered Wart’s body into that of hawks. Wart spent the night in an enclosure with other hawks, going thru the initiation to become a member of the group. As soon as dawn broke Merlyn took back Wart and changed him back to himself. “You know you will want to turn me Into a hawk when you want to,” exclaimed the Wart.

HIS curiosity got him a once In a life time opportunity to become n animal lots of people dream to be like. Thirdly Wart was transformed Into a snake by the magic of Merlyn. As a snake Wart learned about there anatomy, how they hibernate and there fear humans chasing them. “Whether it was the voice of the snake, or the cold, or the influence of the story, in two minutes he was dreaming himself, in a reptilian drama. ” Wart always wants to find out how other animal other than humans live there lives. He’s fascinated greatly by how the animals act and behave In there environment and how they feel about humans.

At only one point in the story did wart’s character ever show fear, when a giant was going to filet his and Merlyn’s bodies with a sword. The courage that wart has is astounding with the things he’s been through during the novel. Initially, Warts fearlessness can be seen in the battle between the outlaws and the Anthropophagi. Even though the Anthropophagi where more powerful than the humans, Wart kept his confidence high and his wits about him. “The passion of nocturnal secrecy was a wine that triumphed in his blood. ” He really was small and young enough to move as ecretly as the warriors. This quote suggests warts confidence in his skills and his mentality as an honorary outlaw. Subsequently, when Wart and Kay went hunting in the bushes, they stumbled upon a witch’s house. The witch kidnapped the boys and held them In small enchanted cages. Wart stayed calm as he new he would find a way out. “IT only I could get out,” sala tne wart. “l Know a maglclan wno would soon settle her hash, and rescue us all. ” Even though Wart couldn’t escape he thought of a plan to get out and save the other prisoners, with the help of an eavesdropping goat e did.

Finally, Just before Wart pulled the sword from the stone he did not become fearful when all the fgures appeared. As the fgures told wart to remember the lesson they taught him wart gained confidence in himself to be able to extract the sword from the stone. “The Wart walked up to the great sword for the third time. He put out his right hand softly and drew it out as gently as from a scabbard. ” Warts faith and fearlessness is his greatest gift, he believed that he could be something more than a squire and later that dream became a reality.

Do unto others as you would have them do to you. ” Wart goes beyond the normal persons acts of kindness. First of all, after the battle with the Anthropophagi wart brought Old Wat (a man that’s nose got eaten off and went crazy) back to the castle. Not only did he supply the man with a temporary home but he also got Merlyn reconstruct his face. “We have a tutor who is a pretty good magician and I thought he might be able to restore Wat to his wits. ” This shows you the kindness of warts character, caring about others when he was the one that needed care.

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