The Tale Of The Heike and The Song Of Roland

4 April 2015
Compares medieval works from Japan and France. Discusses warrior codes, religion, chivalry, status of women, honor and loyalty.

This study will provide a comparative analysis of two works of medieval literature from France and Japan–The Tale of the Heike and The Song of Roland. The study will consider the warrior code of the two cultures, prevailing religious beliefs, chivalry and the status of women, the concept of honor, and loyalty to the lord. Both works are representative of the literary traditions prevalent in the two centuries and cultures of their creation, with emphasis on the militaristic nature of the life lived by the good, courageous, loyal warrior.

Although both works emphasize a religious or transcendent element, the French tale being Christian, the Japanese being Buddhist, both also are marked by suggestions that despite all the heroics in battle, humans suffer deeply and despair at times of knowing the meaning of life.

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Despite the fact that the French …

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